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Each one of us spends at least eight hours a day working, and many on a sitting job. How do you get to choose which type of office armchair is better?

Combining ergonomic shape, unique materials, and distinctive design, the armchair AERON has redefined the classic office chair. Its design is inspired to the human body, is deprived of any upholstery and coatings, and uses vanguard materials like die-cast polyester with glass fiber and recycled aluminum to build its parts. The characteristically sitting structure is robust and with a full weave, which allows the air to circulate.

After long researches on how should be made the perfect office chair, Don Chadwick and William Stumpf have agreed to put on the center the user’s needs. With a sophisticated system of suspensions, this chair distributes the weight evenly on the sitting and the back, conforming to the body structure and reducing to the minimum the pressure on the vertebral column and muscles. A series of rationally incorporated knobs and levers allow the user to regulate in different ways, by so guaranteeing the best-personalized posture. Moreover, its various parts were created to assemble and afterward disassemble, to be recycled separately, wish is very thoughtful to the environmental issues.

Since 1994 until today, this armchair will produce the company Herman Miller, and it is proposed in several versions: by the sitting size (A, B, C) and in three colors Graphite (dark), Carbon (medium), and Mineral (light).

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