Design Objects - Armchair Sanluca by Castiglioni brothers

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Armchair SANLUCA was presented for the first time in 1960 at the exposition “XII Triennale di Milano” and became one of the biggest icons in the Italian design history. The creation of Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, with unreleased aerodynamic shapes, almost futuristic, arouse huge sensation at its launch.

At first sight, the armchair Sanluca recalls an antique sitting: frontside seems to be a baroque armchair from the XVII century with a certain futuristic Bocconi flair. The union of concave-shaped panels confers a spaced and aerodynamic aspect, a witty paradox of the Castiglioni design. Being revolutionary, the Sanluca became a reference of inspiration for future armchairs: instead of creating a solid structure to upholster afterward, the Castiglione brothers thought to create pre-shaped panels and pre-upholster them, make ready to be fixed to the metal structure, applying the same technique used in the production of sitting chairs for auto vehicles. It was made with a final input to ease its serial industrial production process. The sitting, the backrest, and the lateral sides were all made from metal and covered with polyurethane foam of various density and feet in rosewood. The original, produced by Gavina in 1960 and afterward by Knoll International from 1960 till 1969, was available with lining in leather or cotton. In 1990 Bernini took over its production in leather in natural neutral leather color, red or black, under the supervision of Achille Castiglioni, which made some small adjustments.

Since 2004 till today, the armchair Sanluca is produced by the Italian cult company Poltrona Frau , using more modern materials yet maintaining its original design and shape. The solid structure is made from a series of separate elements in birch plywood and blocks of beech tree and poplar, which are afterward assembled together. The feet are in massive ash tree finished wengè or in Canaletto walnut. The lining of the armchair Sanluca and the pouf Luca is proposed in leather Frau®, also bicolor.

Recently, in occasion of the celebration for 100 years since the birth of Achille and the 50 years since the death of his brother Pier Giacomo, but also in memory of another great name in the design worlds, Max Huber, the company launched a limited edition version with lining in an original fabric designed in jacquard on the drawing of Max Huber from 1968 named “Geophysical Waves”. Available in two colors: white background with black lines and black background with white lines. Feet are made in massive ash tree finished wengè.

This timeless armchair is a desirable piece of statement for every design lover, and it’s the definition of lifestyle in the XXI century!

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