Wednesday, 24 April 2024 15:52

A small history of the SLIP dress

The SLIP dress - a seductively flowing outfit, daring, but incredibly charming, once carefully hidden from prying eyes - today is a desired toilet for many women. It emphasizes a magnificent figure, puts the beauty of the body on a pedestal, and easily breaks a man's heart!

The slip dress, known for its simple yet elegant silhouette, has been a significant part of the fashion history: its first wave of popularity came in the twenties of the last century, when women used to wear a black silk slip dress, palm-length below the knee, combined with fur capes or short fur coats. The next wave arrived in the sixties, when the slip dress was recognized as a must-have silhouette for a woman’s wardrobe. While later, in the nineties, thanks to designers like Calvin Klein and John Galliano for Dior, it came back and was especially noted as a symbol of minimalist fashion.

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