My TOP 5 Favorite Design Items of 2022 from Emmemobili

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Dear Design Lovers,

After a long period of almost two years of covid lockdowns, best producers worldwide feel the need to change the focus from pure design aesthetics towards bringing more comfortable and functional solutions into our living spaces. 

During this year Milano iSaloni Fair 2022, we witnessed exciting feedback: designers placed accent on upgrading the ergonomics and functionality, using eco-friendly raw materials (woods, water-based painting) and new technologic know-how of lower Ambiental impact.

EMMEMOBILI is an Italian producer company with huge history background. It was found in 1879 at Cantù, a beautiful place in Como region, in Northern Italy. Since it’s very birth, the heart and soul of this company is the WOOD - the most noble, pure, and ecological material. With a different epoque and changing demands, the company introduced other materials, such as marbles, metals, leathers and fabrics, beautifully merging with the wood to create appealing functional collections. It shaped the dna of the company and entered in the houses of the clientele from all over the world.

Emmemobili is creating its collections in collaborating with many architects and designers of international fame, such as Carlo Colombo, Alessandro Pedretti, Paolo Salvadè, Ferruccio Laviani, Rodolfo Dordoni, Giuseppe Viganò, but also with new talents, like Uto Balmoral, Adele Martelli, Elena Salmistraro, and of course, at last but not least, the internal Research and Development Office – a team of professionals working together every day inside the company to amplify the category of products, in search for new forms and materials, to meet customers’ expectations.

Among the great variety of products this company has to offer today, which I invite you to see directly on the company’s website, I wish to present a selection of my Top 5 Favorite Design Items from the latest Collection 2022, and tell you why these items have entered on my “Wish List” of favorites:

1/ The chairs NINA SOFT – a collection of two chairs, one with low backrest and another with high backrest, designed by Elena Pancaldi. It has a minimalistic and sculptural design, so in-trend today! It is perfectly suitable for interiors of different styles, from contemporary to artdecò, from modern to minimal. Based on the lining, these chairs change their aspects like a chameleon, adapting to the new environment: in Nabuk leather it will look more robust and statuary, while in a fabric with geometry it will take a dynamic and fluent aspect.

1 model NINA SOFT

Its linear structure has perfect proportions, while the curvature on the back and on the sides creates ergonomics, available with or without armrests. The entire structure is padded, which only increases its comfortability. This model will be a perfect choice around a dinning table or waiting area.

Var. Low Back: W47 D56 H75 cm / Var. High Back: W47 D56 H100 cm

2/ The wall/ceiling lamps LDC, designed by Paolo Salvadè, is an exquisite collection of lamps designed to merge together exquisite modern linear shape made of high-quality materials, to provide sculptural lighting into the ambient. Its design mesmerizes and stands out because of the sizing, but also the play of light and shade it provides.

2 model LDC wall lamp

The collection includes different sizes of suspension lamps, wall and ceiling lamps. It is proposed in different wood finishing:

- Thermo-treated Oak (light and dark)

- Thermo-treated Grisard

- Amaranth


The BIG applique (IBCB01): W20 D12 H180 cm

Lumen and Kelvin: 2405 lm for 4000° K / WATTAGE: 17W

The SMALL applique (IBCB02): W15 D12 H110 cm

Lumen and Kelvin: 1286 lm for 4000° K / WATTAGE: 9,2W

3/ Another splendid model from the Collection 2022 is the asymmetric coffee table ANTINOMIA, designed by Adele Martelli. A mix of different materials and shapes perfectly balanced in one unique design item: woods and marbles, regular geometry with asymmetry. The perfect coffee table for a stylish living room, home office or another common area.


4/ The modernistic P. BENCH, designed by Adele Martelli. It has a linear and minimal design, although the exaggerated size and the padding cushions are bringing it closer by look to a sophisticated dormouse, suitable not only for majestic entrances, but also for living rooms and bedroom areas.

4 model P.BENCH HD

5/ Last, but not least, the sideboard FRACTAL, designed by Elena Pancaldi. It takes inspiration from fractal geometry, which can be seeing on different scale, from large to slim, from low to tall.

5 model FRACTAL

This model is proposed in different sizes, from the smallest W200 D52 H80 cm with 4 doors to W250 cm with 5 doors and W300 cm with 6 doors. Moreover, today we can choose to have in wood or a combination of materials, like wood and metal.

It is proposed in many different wood finishings: Natural Oak, Gold Oak, Cherrywood-stained Oak, Noisette-stained Oak, Walnut-stained Oak, Brownstained Oak, Wenge-stained Oak, Grey-stained Oak, Open pore lacquered Oak Jet Black, Light and Dark Thermo-treated Oak.

Details are proposed in two metal finishings: Natural Satin Brass and Burnished hand-brushed Brass.


With best wishes,



MetropolitanMe Blogger