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The WINDSOR chairs begin to appear in circulation, starting with the Sixties of the XVII century, although similar models existed even earlier, in the gothic period. Windsor took the name after local artisans, who invented it in the Windsor canton, in Great Britain. It was sold along with the carriage, on board of which people were running across the countryside.

The WINDSOR SACK-BACK is an evolution of that model: the back was made comfortable and delicate, matching it with a large oval seat, by so creating a charming product. It took the name “sack-back” thanks to the backrest, designed to tuck on a sack so that it would protect the back from cold winter currents. 

Through its history, the Windsor chair has been made of woods with the best characteristics: the seat was in pine tree or chestnut; the crosspieces and legs were made of maple tree; while the curved parts were made from American walnut, white oak or ash tree. This model represents, at best, the characteristics of good design: its shape and structure embody centuries of artisan wisdom, combining the authenticity of materials, a simple line with gracious aesthetics, responding at the same time at the complexity of needs for comfortability and durability.

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