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This post I would like to start with a disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor a nutritionist, but I get to read a lot and I choose always (always!) several different resources before I formulate my own opinion on a topic. Today I want to open a discussion and share my opinion on which habits we shall apply in our daily routine to live a better and healthier life.

We all know how difficult is to balance these days between our work commitments, family needs, stressful environment and the food we consume. We are overwhelmed with so many tasks that to make it easier, we often rely on the inertia force, so we flow on the go with old habits without second thoughts.

However, especially within the last at least twenty years, there have been made so many researches and studies on healthcare, product value, and sports practices, that today we have no excuse to become a better-informed consumer! One of the main topics we are primarily and directly involved in is the food industry.

What food shall we eat? In what quantity? How many times per day? There are so many voices (and diets) that try to induce us to follow their rules… but I choose to follow none of them. Why? – Because what I think is the best for a human body of any age, of any body type, and any geographic positioning, it to be aware of what every product is made of and what value it brings to your body, and let every person decide how much to consume of each one.

I’ve read the “The Chinese Study” written by the father, Dr. Colin Campbell, and after I’ve read the following “Chinese Study: rethinking the science of nutrition” written by the son, Ph.D. Thomas Campbell. These books have opened my eyes on some very important aspects that I want to share with you here below because I believe are true, and since these bits of advice did improve my overall health condition, I hope it will give you some tips to improve yours:

-      Daily diet must be balanced and proportional: 80% whole products – 10% products of animal origin – 10% industrial food. Whole products are considered all the fruits, vegetables, beans, and cereals, which you can eat in a raw state, boiled or cooked (not fried!). Of animal origin I take only fish and seafood, meat (excluded pork, which I don’t like because there’s pure cholesterol and contains the growth hormone), eggs and some milk products (mainly kefir and other fermented products, sometimes cheese and goat milk). Industrial food is considered everything that has been processed in a way or another, so it changed at the atomic level (that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for our stomach and liver to process it). This way you’ll get all the range of vitamins and minerals your body needs in a day to work at its best!

-      No sugar! Or better said, no more than 5g a day (which is one sugar packet). I drink coffee without sugar, cook sweeties without sugar, and I read all the ingredients listed on the labels of the products I buy to be sure it doesn’t contain sugar (by the way, you’ll be impressed in how many products you could not even suspect of containing sugar, and in big quantities!).

-      Unsaturated fats: many bean products already contain natural fat, so in addition to that I may use 1-2 spoons of natural olive oil to cook and maximum half avocado a day. That is more than enough.

-      In the European Union countries are void GMO products, so this is great! But that’s not the guarantee for 100% organic products! Let’s look deep into this aspect: why GMO products are (suspected) to be harmful? – Because they’re cultivated by extensive use of herbicides and pesticides! Unfortunately, even in the EU, there are countries (like Belgium, Spain, and Poland) where the allowed level is higher, so the fruits and vegetables we can find in supermarkets might not be the best of quality. That is why I suggest looking for the local small stores, where you could purchase organic products and for most prefer seasonal fruits and vegetables of regional production.

-      Additives I take only omega-3 and omega-6 in capsules (no more than once per day!).For the rest, in my opinion, the best is to have a varied diet, rich in whole products, and by so you’ll receive all the vitamins and minerals you need in the most natural state. However, if you live in extreme North or South hemisphere, and there are several months in a year with no sun at all (like Norway for example), I agree on taking in those months vitamin D (which usually is produced by our skin in direct contact with the sun); a deeper skin tone you have, a higher concentration of this vitamin you shall assume. Another aspect is if you’re a vegan: consider taking integrative vitamin B12, which can be found in natural state only in animal products (because it is a product of animal bacteria activity).

However, I do not follow all the pieces of advice found in these two books either. One of the most important aspects I disagree with is that being a vegan is the best choice. I am simply convinced that being vegan does not guarantee a 100% healthy life compared to a person who is consuming meat too. I’ve met in my life several vegan persons with important health problems, and at the same time, I know many persons who have consumed meat their entire life and arrived at over 90-year-old in perfect condition! This proves to me that I can enjoy any type of food, just need to moderate its quality and quantity, prevail whole food over industrial one, eliminate junk, and combine it with regular sports activities and a balanced state of mind!

Did you have the chance to read these books too? What is your opinion on this topic? What do you think is better to consume in our diet to stay healthy and feel energetic? Which is your practice? Share your opinion on the comment section here below.

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