13 Truths I would teach my children

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Life is truly amazing! We can be born just like anywhere on this planet, this will only be the start, the beginning of something that can become a Beautiful Lifetime Adventure!

It is true, that some of us may have more favorable start than others, but no matter where we are at this point today, we can change our lives for better!

I feel very lucky to have great loving parents, a brother, and sister, that were like second parents to me. However, to get where I am today, I had to struggle to some very uneasy times too. In my young life, I traveled often and lived among different cultures, studied a lot, managed several works (and still do). But all together brought me to this day, when I can share my experience with you, my dear readers, and hopefully give you some hope and inspiration to improve your living too. Along the way, I’ve learned some lessons, the TRUTHS, that I am willing to share with you. And one day, hopefully soon, I would teach these to my kids too:

1. Lots of bad things are happening in the World, that will tangible or intangible affect you or the people you love; however, remember there is so much more love and bless. Give attention to positive things that surround you and let negativity behind.

2. A sincere smile – is the best accessory you can ever pull off. Be positive. Stay positive. Life is a rollercoaster, smile to it and enjoy every minute.

3. Read. A lot. Improve your skills constantly. It will make you a great person one day!

4. Surround yourself by people that are better than you. Learn from them.

5. Find a mentor. It can be a person you know and fully trust, to whom you can address at any time you feel in doubt. Or you may also find a mentor in a personality that lived centuries ago, that you admire and respect for the work he’s done – read his/her Autobiography, it will teach you so much and open up your mind.

6. The scope of physical exercise is to keep your body healthy. So, do them regularly. Choose the type of sports that you love the most and practice it every day.

7. Never chase a man (or woman), who doesn’t love you. You can never make him to. Better enjoy life as it is, no hurries and no pushes, wait for the right person – it will come at the moment you expect the least.

8. Learn to say “No”. No to things that damage you physically or morally. No to places that you do not enjoy. No to the persons that do not appreciate you and no to those that only take without giving you back. Your life is only yours - choose wisely how to live it and with whom to share it!

9. Start to enjoy time being alone and not feel lonely. Do not feel empty cause it is just a moment to energetically purify your thoughts. We all need to reload from time to time. Feel happy just where you are and take as much time as you feel the need. Take a walk in the mountains, on the sea, along the river, go shopping, just anything that pleases you! Dedicate some time only to yourself! Do it regularly. It is not egoistic in any way, it's just a way to self-preserve your good energy so you can give the best of yourself to the world without the risk to remain empty.

10. Follow your dreams! Find a way to realize what your aspiration is for. If you like design, fashion, cooking, marketing, astrology, machinery or anything else – follow a course on the matter, get a university degree and if you don’t have that possibility now then start with something available to you - read books on the topic, do self-study, follow free on-line courses, watch free YouTube classes. In today’s marketplace, there are so many opportunities just look for them! Nothing comes easy. Don’t get discouraged. For those that chaise their dreams there will always be a way to achieve it. I've realized mine, and so can you!

11. Never lose your sense of integrity! Don`t allow anyone to tell you that “you`re not good enough” or that “you cannot do this or that” or that “you're too young or too old for this” ... You`ll meet many angry and envious people on your way. And the better your life gets and the more successful living you have, the more haters you’ll see. Pass them by. Do not pay any attention - they have never been in your shoes and do not have your abilities nor the intelligence to get to where you’re headed.

12. Be a personality: know what you want, decide what you stand for and what your principles are. Always remain true to yourself! No matter how hard it gets or what temptations you'll meet along the way.

13. Do what you consider is right to do, no matter what others think is right or wrong. However, think twice or ten times if needed before taking an action, balance all the do’s and don’ts of the case, so that once you’ve decided you'll be convinced you did the right choice. Only then your word would be of value, only then you will be known as a responsible person, the one who gives the word and keeps it!

What we can do STARTING FROM TODAY is to turn our consciousness and feel the blessing of what we have and what we love today. Feel blessed because we are here. Feel confident that tomorrow is another day and we always get the chance to start all over, get further than we were yesterday.

I hope in today’s post I gave you some words of inspiration. Let me know what would you add to this list? Maybe somethings that helped to get through some rough moments? Or maybe you can share a pearl of wisdom from your grandparents? I'm always opened to learn something new.

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