10+ Reasons to love YELLOW

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Colors have power! Every color has its vibration, energy, and meanings; it transmits feelings into surroundings. YELLOW stands for hope, happiness, positivity, and joy; it increases mental activity, activates memory, and encourage communication. 

What to know which are particularly my 10+ reasons to love YELLOW? Here there are:

1-The GOLDEN HOUR for taking amazing pictures! In the era of social media, technology, and great camera lenses, there is no better time to make a memorable photo than during the golden hours – one hour from the sunrise and one hour before the sunset. Believe me, as a photography lover, I can tell there is no better way to achieve naturally marvelous pictures, with incredibly vivid colors and golden reflex, of yourselves or the surrounded nature. 

1 1 golden hour evening

2-EMOJI that came into our world also thanks to social media! I mean, can you imagine yourself writing a comment without using an emoji? Or reply to a message with one (only one!) sigh that will transmit a thousand words?! Thanks to emoji – a small yellow icon, that became possible!

2 emoji

3-Yellow bees that maintain life, and are producing golden HONEY, such a great source of antioxidants, with antibacterial and antifungal properties, that can heal wounds and helps cure digestive issues. It is highly used in healthcare as in the beauty industry, offering hundreds of products for self-care, helping us maintain healthy and youthful. But I mostly love it for its sweetness and company, particularly during the cold season, when I use to drink herbal tea with a small spoon of sweet and fragranced raw honey. 

3 honey

4-BANANAS is one of my favorite fruits mixed with a spoon or two of raw oats for a fast and healthy breakfast! It is easy to cook, deliciously tastes and is rich in minerals and vitamins. Truly recommend.

4 Bananas

5-LEMON is an excellent source of vitamin C, stimulates weight loss, improves insulin resistance, prevents kidney stones, and brings hydration to the skin, reducing aging signs. I love to drink refreshing water with lemon during the summertime and add a slice of lemon in the cup of hot tea during the wintertime. 

5 Lemons

6-VINCENT VAN GOGH is known for unique brush stroke textures, and the use of bold, vibrant colors. Particularly famous are his works, where coincidentally or not, were used a combination of yellow and blue, like his many versions of Self-Portrait, to “Vase with fifteen sunflowers” (1888), “The starry night” (1889), “Café terrace at night” (1888), “The night café” (1888), “The bedroom” (1888), “Wheatfield with Cypresses” (1889), “Olive trees with yellow sky and yellow sun”, “Painter on the road to Tarascon”, and other. 

7-A VIBRANT YELLOW COLOR is lovely for brightening up a room. You can combine a bright yellow with light grey or white to obtain a modern and happy atmosphere or combine a bright yellow with chocolate brown or black for a more decisive and bolder look. If, however, you are not such a lover of bright colors, keep a neutral tone in white, grey, beige, or cream color and add some yellow as small accents in pillows, curtains, rugs, or lighting appliances. 

7 illuminate spaces

8-MIMOSA is a spring flower loved by Italians to give as a gift on the 8th of March to women to celebrate International Women’s Day. This flower was chosen because of its symbolic meaning: in 1946, Italy was coming out from the destruction of WWII, and the ruined country was trying to find a sense of joy and optimism. History tells that three women, Teresa Mattei, Rita Montagnana, and Teresa Noce, part of the UDI (Italian Women’s Union), proposed celebrating the strength and solidarity of all women as pillars of society. The assembly approved and was asking to vote for a flower that best represented the qualities of women. Among all candidates, Mimosa was chosen because of its bright festive yellow color that represents joy, but mainly because, like most women, behind its appearance of fragility hides a strong character that can thrive anywhere, even in challenging places.

8 Mimosa

9-A bright yellow, combined with black, creates the most comfortable combination for the eye to read from long sight; that is why it was chosen for the taxi cabs and school busses and traffic signs. Who does not remember the famous scene in “Sex and the city” channeling how Carrie grabs a YELLOW CAB in Manhattan, New York, wearing a pair of sparkling gold Louboutin?! As a teenager in the nineties, I grew up with this serial and learned from these strong independent women. When I had the opportunity to travel to New York in 2004, it was like a dream come true for me! That feeling has pushed me all the years to come to be strong, never give up, and go for my dreams wherever it will take me!

9 a yellow cab

10-The GOLDEN FISH STORY – who did not hear it in childhood?! It tells the story of a fisherman who happened to catch a golden fish, who was a prince under an evil spell. So, the fish said to the fisherman that if he will spear his life and through back into the sea, then he will make come true three wishes… The story is life-teaching, shows how over-reaching greed and ambition can be ruining. This story is well known in many countries, including Russia and Germany, but not so much in English speaking countries. It’s told with the Brothers Grimm’s usual insight into human frailty. 

10 1 the golden fish story

10+ MINIONS – created by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud, are the official mascots of Illumination, a division of Universal Pictures. The Minions are small, yellow, and shaped like pill capsules, with one or two brown or green eyes. Since their coming to America in the late 1960s, their clothing consists of blue overalls emblazoned with Gru's logo, black rubber gloves, shoes, and goggles. They mostly speak incomprehensible gibberish, which is a mix of French, English, Italian, Spanish, and German. The most famous are Dave, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, but all of them share the same dream - to serve the most despicable master they cloud find. Although they are shown as somewhat absent-minded, they have exceptional engineering abilities. Minions appear in the animation series “Despicable Me” made for entertaining kids and their parents too! )) And every time I feel the need to relax, laugh, and divert, I will see one of these movies! Love them! 

10 2 minions

What do you love in yellow color? Please share it in the comments. 


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