11 Ways to look stylish like a Model

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Ladies, we all can be stylish! No matter the high, the weight, the skin, the hair, or the color of the eyes. What matters is to have a sense of proportions and good taste, know what our strong points are and focus on them. Emphasize what we love in yourself!

In this matter, Models show us some tips we can easily apply to our day-to-day looks. Their casual street style is great, does not require “too much of a preparation” and still always looks on point! Furthermore, I would like to share with you some of the tips I love and introduced into my style. Hope it may be of inspiration for yourself too:

1. You can pull off a trendy outfit from basics in your closet. I love to wear a white t-shirt with jeans, two basic items from my wardrobe, plus an accent: a red lipstick, statement earrings, some stylish colorful stilettos, a belt, or anything else may add a touch of your personality and complete the look. 

2. A Total Black look from head to toes is always a winning outfit! Or, as alternatives, I also love a Total WhiteTotal GreyTotal Camel, and a Total Blue Navy. They look pulled together, stylish, on top.

3. This year 2019 is the year of sportswear. Designers proposed dozens of new models, especially the attention called on sneakers. This is a way to stay stylish and be so, so comfortable. Use this opportunity at maximum!

4. Another piece I love so much is a good leather jacket! This is a must-have in everybody’s wardrobe is the leather jacket! Some of you may prefer the biker’s jacket. I prefer a softer version, with basic cuts and no extra details. This piece of wardrobe will ìnever go out of style! 

5. Do not be afraid to wear oversized pieces. This tip can use everybody, including petite size ladies, just choose a proportionate model: if on high girls (Models) looks oversized a pair of large and long pants, for petite girls (under 165 cm high) would look great a similar model reduced in wideness by 2-3 cm so it will still look oversized but proportionate to your body. 

6. Find for yourself the perfect pair of jeans – the ones that fit you perfectly and make you feel comfortable. Better if they are in classic light blue color and mid landing in the waistline. But remember there are some other great options too: white, 50 shades of grey, black. The most important key aspect is that they must feel comfortable and look great on you. 

7. Masculine shapes can look very powerful on a Lady and give strength and assurance in your total look. You may prefer your boyfriend’s jeans or a strong shoulder jacked, be playful and find out what best suits you.

8. To complete a look, remember to pull off a pair of sunglasses. Any shape, any color you like!

9. Emphasize your strong points by wearing cuts and accessories. Just know your limits and culture preferences not to risk exaggeration. After all, you're not on the podium, but in real life.

10. Find the perfect Red lipstick to add a sparkle of femininity. Just choose the right shade for your skin type. 

11. High heels are a must-have in any fashionista’s wardrobe. If I must attend a meeting, then pull off some elegant stilettos. When on a date, I love to wear sexy open toes with a fresh pedicure. When going out with friends, I prefer wedges, they’re so comfortable, especially for long walks.

Which of these tips do you love and wear? Or maybe you have other tips to share? Let me know in the comment section.

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