A small history of the TRAPEZE DRESS

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After a terrible II World War, women were happy to return wearing feminine dresses with floating skirts and romantic prints (Dior style). But then a decade passed, and by the end of the Fifties, the love for sophisticated cuts and romantic dresses was going to an end. Women were looking for something new, different - modernistic, minimalistic, and easier-styled dresses.

One of the first designers to feel the “wind of change” was Yves Saint Laurent. Launching his first collection in 1958, he maintained the rigorous construction he had learned at Maison Dior, but freed the women’s figure, creating a more fluid silhouette under which the body disappeared. The Trapeze line was born, proving a woman can look sexy without the need to accentuate a thin waistline. This period coincided with women’s liberation movement, who liked wearing more loose-fit dresses, letting behind corsets and other garments constraining the body. It was a success and changed the course of fashion!

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Moreover, the trapeze “Mondrian” dress of 1965, another creation of Yves Saint Laurent, inspired by the neoplasticism graphic language of the painter, became “the fashion event” of the year. Saint Laurent was exploring ways to lay down new foundations for a refined aesthetics focused on simple cuts and geometric lines. Therefore, the designer appropriated the painter’s work by transforming a two-dimensional painting into a three-dimensional art dress; it was a sort of “manifesto”. This dress had no collar and no sleeves, just simple cuts, geometrical vertical and horizontal lines, and bold primary colors. It became so popular, that in a few months-time every fashionista wanted to have one colorful “Mondrian” dress in her wardrobe!

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The trapeze dress, or the A-line dress, has a very comfortable silhouette; it ensures freedom of movement and is almost imperceptibly on the body. It has a loose fit, starting from a narrowed bodice on the shoulders, usually with no sleeves and no collar, accentuating the bust line, then going flared towards the bottom, reminding by shape a geometrical figure trapeze.

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When paired with the right accessories, it can easily compete in sex appeal with tight-fitting outfits. A mini-length trapeze dress will emphasize the elegance of the shoulders and arms and bring attention to slender legs.

This dress is exquisite with its round crew neckline and opened shoulders, mini or long up to the knees. It will be a perfect choice for cocktail hours as for different evening occasions. Wearing it with a pair of slingbacks or high heels is a good choice, but not so original; more appealing the trapeze shape will look with the T-strap and Mary Jane high heels. Thought, if you want to create casual looks, then wear it with some sneakers or slip on; in the wintertime choose ankle boots or massive army boots like Dr. Martin’s.

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The silhouette of the dress is made to be minimalistic, so is best not to wear belts or other accessories on top – it would disrupt the original concept of the dress itself. Although, in the wintertime, it will be very much ok to wear underneath a turtleneck.

The trapeze dress reflects the spirit of the 60-s. Therefore, the best accessory for this dress will be a pair of unusual, colorful, massive earrings, necklace, or bracelets.

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Take into consideration that the trapeze dress must have a mini- or up-to-the-knee length to look proportionate; but also, it shall not be too loose on the bodice, other way it will appeal too clumsy.

Because of the A-line shape, it covers imperfections and hides them accurately, therefore it is a perfect choice for both, petite and large sizes ladies. Not to mention, it becomes a must-have style dress for women during pregnancy.

Enjoy fashion! It’s the best way to express our character, moods and wishes. While timeless silhouette dresses will be the best investment, we can make for ourselves.

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