30 White Dresses for this Spring 2020

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Who doesn’t love an excellent WHITE DRESS? Best fashion designers from around the world launched this garment on the runways for Spring-Summer collection 2020 in all the styles, shapes, and lengths. It is a must-have item to have in our wardrobe for hot summer days we have ahead, and for special occasions where to wear a clean, polished look. 

Runways were such an inspiration to gather a range of different styles and looks. Sometimes, it is mind-blowing how easily it is to transform such a simple item for any occasion you need: casual chic, minimal fit, or a sophisticated look. 

So, where to look for a good quality white dress right now? Based on the budget you want to spend, we have luxe segments, middle-market, and mass-market brands. I took the time to do some research on my own, here in Italy, since I was looking myself for one these days, and with this occasion, I’ve selected 30 different models from different price-point segments that I will share with you below. Hope it will inspire you to find your best pic:




Which is your favorite white dress? How do you like to wear a white outfit? Whith what accessories do you like to pair? Share your ideas in the comments. 

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