What is the dress code for RED CARPET EVENTS and most POPULAR SILHOUETTES

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Red carpet events are fascinating! They're where fashion, celebrity culture, and sometimes even political statements come together in a vivid display.

Not a single role, mediocre or brilliant, excites the public as much as the outfits of Hollywood stars! Red carpet events are the epitome of glamour and showcase a range of fashion trends, reflecting both personal style and the broader movements within the fashion industry.

Nevertheless, there are some unspoken rules to follow as guidelines when preparing for such an occasion. In today’s post we’ll discuss these must-haves, starting from the roots, its origins.

The concept of the "red carpet" dates back to ancient Greece, but its association with Hollywood glamour began with the Academy Awards in the 1920s. Initially, fashion wasn't the focus, but by the 1950s, celebrities began to use the red carpet to showcase designer outfits, propelling designers and trends into the spotlight.

Designers view red carpet events as prime opportunities to display their work on a global stage. Preparation involves months of design and fitting to create bespoke outfits for celebrities. It's a collaborative process, where the celebrity's personal style and the designer's vision must align. The goal is to create a moment that captures public attention and mesmerize, but also cements a designer's brand in the fashion industry.

Such events have a significant impact on fashion trends and consumer behavior. They influence what people see as desirable or fashionable, often translating into retail trends. Moreover, these events offer a platform for statements beyond fashion, including political and social causes, through clothing choices or accessories.

Over the decades, red carpet fashion has evolved from the simple and elegant to the extravagant. The 90s were marked by minimalist chic, the 2000s saw a surge in designer labels, and today, there's a focus on uniqueness, sustainability, and statements. The fashion trends on the red carpet can vary widely from classic elegance to avant-garde. Recently, there's been a mix of bold color choices, sustainable fashion, vintage revival, and statement pieces that include intricate designs or messages.


Let’s not forget about jewelry, which on red carpet events plays a crucial role, often serving as the finishing touch that can make or break an outfit. Celebrities often opt for statement jewelry to complement their outfits, choosing pieces that are bold, distinctive, and memorable. These can range from oversized necklaces and dramatic earrings to unique bracelets and rings. Such pieces are not just accessories but key elements of the overall look.

High-end jewelry brands seize the opportunity to showcase their most exquisite pieces on the red carpet, lending them to celebrities. This partnership benefits both parties; the brand receives global visibility, while the celebrity has access to unique and luxurious jewels. Some jewelry pieces carry historical significance or cultural references, adding depth and story to the celebrity's ensemble. This can include vintage pieces from specific eras or designs that pay homage to a celebrity's heritage. Moreover, the jewelry worn on the red carpet often sets trends for the wider market. For instance, if several celebrities are seen wearing emerald earrings at an event, it can lead to a surge in popularity for emeralds in the general public.

The choice of jewels for red carpet events is a strategic decision that involves considering the aesthetic appeal, the message it conveys, and the potential impact on both the wearer's image and the audience's perceptions. In recent years, there's been a growing emphasis on sustainability and ethics in jewelry, mirroring the broader fashion industry's shift. Celebrities and brands are increasingly highlighting pieces made from ethically sourced materials or showcasing brands that prioritize sustainability and ethical practices in their creation process. Jewelry on the red carpet can also serve as a means of personal or political expression. Celebrities might choose pieces that have personal significance to them or wear jewelry that supports a cause, such as pins or accessories designed to raise awareness for charitable organizations or social issues. This blend of beauty, statement, and strategy makes jewelry an integral and fascinating aspect of red carpet fashion.


Jewelry on the red carpet is just as critical and expressive as the garments themselves, often completing or even defining the look. Designers and celebrities choose pieces that not only complement the outfit but also make a statement, reflect personal style, or pay homage to vintage and historical styles. High-end diamonds, unique gemstones, and bespoke pieces are common, reflecting luxury and exclusivity. Jewelry can range from subtle and elegant to bold and avant-garde, depending on the overall look the wearer aims to achieve.

When it comes to silhouette dresses and colors recommended for red carpet events, the choices can vary widely based on current fashion trends, the season, and the individual’s personal style and body type. However, some silhouettes and colors have proven to be timeless and widely flattering, making them popular choices:

  • Mermaid Gowns: Fitted on the bodice and hips, and flaring out from the knee or just below it, mermaid gowns create a dramatic hourglass figure, suitable for making a statement.


  • A-Line Dresses: Flaring out from the waist to form an 'A' shape, A-line dresses are flattering for most body types, offering a classic and elegant silhouette.


  • Ball Gowns: Featuring a fitted bodice and a wide, full skirt, ball gowns are the epitome of traditional red-carpet glamour, suitable for a dramatic entrance.


  • Column Dresses: Straight up and down, this silhouette is elegant and particularly suited to tall, slender figures. It offers a modern, minimalist look.


  • High-Low Dresses: With a hem that is higher in the front and longer in the back, high-low dresses offer a playful yet elegant silhouette, ideal for showcasing footwear.


As for the color preferences, we have:

  • Classic Black: Timeless and elegant, black dresses are a popular choice for their slimming effect and the dramatic contrast they provide against the red carpet.


  • Metallic Shades: Gold, silver, and metallic shades make a bold statement, reflecting luxury and glamour, suitable for making a standout appearance.


  • Jewel Tones: Deep blues, rich reds, emerald greens, and vibrant purples often make appearances on the red carpet, offering a lush, opulent look.


  • Pastels and Neutrals: Soft pastels and neutral tones, including blush, champagne, and ivory, are favored for their understated elegance and romantic feel.


  • Bold Colors: Bright and bold colors, such as fuchsia, electric blue, and canary yellow, are chosen by those looking to stand out and make a vibrant statement.


Ultimately, the most recommended silhouettes and colors are those that best fit the wearer's personal style, body type, and the statement they wish to make on the red carpet. Trends may come and go, but confidence and authenticity never go out of style.

To commemorate triumphal moments, here are some of the memorable dresses worn on the red-carpet event at Oscars for the Best Actress:


The etiquette or "Galateo" for red carpet events combines traditional formal event rules with the specific demands of high-profile, media-covered occasions. These guidelines are made to help maintain decorum, ensure events run smoothly, and allow every attendee to shine. Here are some key rules to keep in mind if you are invited to one:

  1. The Dress Code is almost always adhered to a specific theme. It's important to respect this to show consideration for the hosts and the event's purpose.
  2. Choose the Appropriate Lengths and Fits! While daring choices can be memorable, it's crucial to choose outfits that are both flattering and appropriate for the level of formality of the event.
  3. When it comes to Jewelry and Accessories - complement, don’t overpower: Accessories should enhance the outfit, not distract from it. Choose pieces that complement the overall look without overshadowing it. High-value or sentimental jewelry should be worn with caution, both for security reasons and to ensure they align with the outfit’s aesthetic.
  4. Arriving On Time is a sign of respect. Arriving fashionably late is a myth; being on time is always in fashion.
  5. Navigate the Red Carpet with Grace: Wait your turn, smile for cameras, and move along at a steady pace. Acknowledge photographers and interviewers, but keep moving to avoid creating bottlenecks.
  6. Interact Politely with Media: Be prepared with concise, thoughtful answers for interviews. Maintain composure and patience, even with provocative questions.
  7. Respect Personal Space: These events can be crowded, but it’s important to maintain a respectful distance from others. Be mindful of personal space and body language. While networking is common, it should be done subtly and respectfully, without overt self-promotion or monopolizing someone’s time.
  8. Eat and Drink Moderately: While it’s normal to partake in the offered refreshments, moderation is key to maintaining professionalism and decorum throughout the event.
  9. Limit Phone Use: While it’s tempting to document the event on social media, excessive phone use can be disrespectful and detract from the experience. Prioritize engagement with the event and the people around you.
  10. Express Appreciation, and if possible, thank the hosts and organizers before leaving. A follow-up thank you, whether through a message or social media shout-out, is also a thoughtful gesture.

Following these guidelines ensures that attendees contribute positively to the atmosphere of the event, enjoying the occasion while respecting the efforts of those who organized it and the dignity of fellow guests.

Red carpet events are a unique blend of formal etiquette, fashion spectacle, and personal expression. Knowing the guidelines helps everyone involved to navigate these glamorous occasions with confidence and grace.

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