Nonostante abitate in città o campagna, in appartamento o villa, i principi del Feng Shui funzionano ovunque. Nell’articolo di oggi vorrei parlarvi di alcuni importanti accorgimenti che vi permetteranno di correggere l’energia Qi negli ambienti di casa, e con questo, portare benessere e prosperità in famiglia.

Nel suo significato più esplicito, Feng Shui intende creare spazi armoniosi, un luogo benefico che porti alla prosperità e abbondanza (in tutti i campi della vita). Questo si può ottenere direzionando in modo giusto l’energia Qi per ottenere risultati ottimali.

Dear Design Lovers,

In order to refresh interior spaces, most of the times, it doesn’t require a big investment. Let’s start with small things we can easily apply to make a change, and with it, to feel more confident, happier, and joyful.

Dear Design Lovers,

Did you love to play with LEGO in your childhood? With just simple, colorful bricks, you could create ANYTHING YOU WANTED. There was no limit to the imagination!

Dear Design Lovers,

After almost two years of covid and periodical lockdowns, the best producers worldwide had a lot of time to think about how we live in personal spaces as family, as professionals in need to have working stations at home, and as individuals who need to relax; therefore, look up-close and analyze the way we live our home spaces every day so they could provide with BEST SOLUTIONS FOR OUR NEEDS AND DESIRES.

At the biggest exhibition from the industry iSaloni, held in Milan every year, the last one has took place in June 2022, many producers presented A NEW LIFESTYLE, reorganizing spaces and presenting innovative products, concentrating on ergonomic shapes, uplifting comfortability, and investing in high-quality raw materials.

December has arrived and we’re ready for festivities! Every year during this period, we gather with our family members to decorate the house with beautiful decorations and a marvelous Christmas tree!

According to the Chinese calendar, the year 2023 will be governed by the Water Rabbit. Therefore, I thought it will be most appropriate to use decorations of the water element, especially in accents on the blue color, from the lightest grey to the deepest black, including all the shades of blue and greens.

Dear Design Lovers,

For those, who love good design and high-quality materials, this selection of soft-padded beds might be interest for you. All models are special, unique by shape, materials, some of them have particular stitches or other particularities. 

Henge is a relatively young company in the Italian market, who already gained international recognition and love around the world! It was born in the heart of the Veneto lands, embracing a rich heritage of excellent craftsmanship, and the highest expression of Italian know-how.

All objects created by Henge are very distinctive by design and materials, and have a strong personality, adding character to the space and breaking the routine.

One of my favorite chandeliers from the Holland design company MOOOI is the model Heracleum III, part of the Moooi Lighting Collection. It was designed by Bertjan Pot in 2010, an airy LED lamp inspired by the flowering plant of the same name. The white leaves grow from one branch, creating a blossom of branches, making it look naturally. The structure is powered by Electrosandwich, a coating of conductive layers on the branches, creating a clean silhouette.

Edra is an Italian company of Tuscan origins, born in 1987. The nickname has ancient origins and it is quite suggestive. To fully understand the concept that stands behind, we must go back in history and enter the stately home of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Inside those villas, there was a special room called “esedra”, filled with comfortable sittings, a special space dedicated to welcoming guests and having long conversations. By taking the name “Edra”, the Italian company associates its mission with offering the best sittings ever, uniting technology with comfort, and creating elegant and timeless products we can enjoy every day.

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