Giovedì, 02 Luglio 2020 09:31

10+ Motivi per amare il BIANCO

Il mondo è fato di colori, e BIANCO è uno dei miei preferiti. Ecco perchè:

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Martedì, 12 Maggio 2020 18:02

20+ Best Countertops - 1 Natural Stones

Dear Lovers of good taste and great interiors,

Today we will open a discussion on an essential and complex aspect, which is COUNTERTOPS! Foremost, it will regard the selection of countertops for kitchens and bathrooms: which are the best materials on the market today, visual aspect and durabilitycolors and compositioncountry of origincosts, and maintenance

All of this we will see in this post, one at a time. Moreover, if you are more of a listener than a reader, then check out my video on YouTube dedicated to this topic, the link you will find here on my blog. 

This topic is a very complex one; I would like using fewer words and more facts, going straight to describing general aspects you must consider, and then detailing every type of countertops, emphasizing its characteristics, individuality, pros and cons, colors, price range, and maintenance aspects. 

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