Dress for Success - The Wardrobe of an Interior Designer

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As an INTERIOR DESIGNER, I feel the need to express my personality through colors, textures, and a mix of a classic capsule wardrobe with unique pieces. I compose my wardrobe applying the same principles I use when decorating a space:

  1. Mix high-end brands with low-cost to create unique and balanced looks
  2. Prefer natural materials over synthetic fibers 
  3. Have a Signature Style: in dressing, make-up, and hairstyles 

Sometimes I go bold and daring; other times, I stay neutral and dress in minimalistic looks, it depends on the mood, on the weather, and on what tasks I have for that day.  

Where I go shopping:

  • Luxury brands off-line in Designer Outlets McArthurGlen (mostly Serravalle and Noventa di Piave), Vicolungo The Style Outlets, and The Mall. 
  • Middle-market brands online on YOOX and ZALANDO
  • Middle-market off-line in Diffusione Tessile, Marella and Massimo Duti, Pennyblack
  • Economic brands online and off-line on ASOS, ZARA, H&M, Oltre, Topshop, Mango, Miss 60, Fornarina, Gaudì, Vero Moda, Pieces

As I mentioned above, the main rule I apply always is to mix hight-end with budget brands. I mean, for me it would look trivial and even dull if I shall dress from head to toes in, let say, Dior, for instance. But, if I wear a pair of classic blue jeans with an oversized masculine white shirt (simple and crafted), a pair of red suede high heel pumps (Topshop), with a black leather Lady Dior bag, then this look will be much more enjoyable. Moreover, the high-end Dior bag will stand out even more on this basic canvas (jeans + white shirt) and will make all this outfit look more expensive. Add some jewelry, like a watch, a delightful necklace or some earrings, and that's it. Chic, with interest and style. 

Designer Style

For a creative profession, like an interior designer, architect, painter, sculpture, singer, and other, I would advise to:

  1. Find your DNA – to express your personality and taste through clothes, accessories, makeup, and hairstyle. Experiment with different styles and find what elements you like: colors, models geometry, cuts? What styles suits you best? What you like best? Write them down, then mix to create your look style. 
  2. Create a blacklist too and enlist what you don’t like and will never wear - it will help you to avoid compulsory shopping of unnecessary things! On my blacklist, for example, some of the enlisted are gothic style clothes and accessories, latex material, and strapless tops. First because as much as I admire Gothic Style in architecture, I cannot see myself wearing all black and studs (though, I love to see this style on others), secondly I consider latex is not suitable for my skin (it’s a breathless material!), and thirdly, I cannot wear a top that does not allow me to endorse underneath a right bra (considering I am a 2F breast size). 
  3. Create a uniform to wear on working days. For example, I love to wear blue jeans and a shirt with high-heels, but in my shopper bag, I also carry on a pair of sneakers in case I need to go comfortable in the local store and pick up some working materials. Other times, on business meetings in an office environment, I tend to go for a pencil skirt and a blazer or blouse, and always with some high heels. Frankly, I am known as the one who loves stylish shoes with high heels. ))

The best way to find what you love, ask yourself these questions

  • What silhouette fits your figure best? Fitted, semi-fitted, or oversized? 
  • What length suits you best? Mini, midi, or maxi? 
  • What style do you love? Casual, vamp, romantic, feminine, retro, avantgarde, safari, Dendy, nautical, or a mix of these styles. 
  • What cutting and sewing you like: laconic, sophisticated, complex, with folds, drapery, cutouts, cuts?
  • What type of waist fit sits best on you? High, normal, or low waist? 
  • What prints do you like? Pois, tartan (which type exactly), flowers (maxi or mini), animal (leopard, zebra), strips and other masculine prints, or no prints at all?
  • Which colors do you like, and which you don’t? Achromats, pastels, muted, neutrals, monochromes, contrasts, bright colors, only dark shades, or only light shades?
  • Which accessories describe your character? What style, materials, shapes, length, quantity, valuable or semiprecious jewelry, massive or minimalistic, no jewelry at all?
  • What styles of shoes? Do you love high heels, flats, sport attires, basic or fashion, in natural leather or other materials, what colors?
  • Which types of bags do you prefer? What style, size, color is your preferred?
  • What other accessories do you love? Sunglasses, belts, hats, shawls, scarfs, gloves, corsets, and more. 
  • What hairstyle? Short, medium, or long hair? Wavy, curl, or straight? Do you like a bob cut or pixie, or you hold your hair in ponytails, buns, chignons, braids? 
  • What kind of makeup do you prefer? Do you love to accentuate your eyes or lips, what shades of lipstick you prefer, natural or bold?
  • Are you a trend follower or a basics lover? Divide your wardrobe and shopping budget such to dedicate most of it to things that will occupy 90% of your wear-time and not the other way around. Maximize the utility and minimize the spending.

Take this test and let me know what your result is? Did it help you find the right balance and construct the best way of your wardrobe? Share your results in the comments. I would like to know if I could help someone with my bits of advice. And for any questions or information, don’t hesitate to write to me, it has no cost, just another friend I would know. 

Best wishes,


MetropolitanMe Blogger