Allegiant Readers,

This week I want to share a short review of the book “Secret Letters from the Monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma

Is it worth reading it? - Absolutely! Yes.

Why? – Because it shares SIMPLE TRUTHS about life, love, and true values, facts that make a difference in our lives. We can choose to live fearlessly and be the creator of our destiny, we just need to know to see and how to act.

In my review, I will make a synthesis of the most important aspects learned from the book. However, you can find this book it in most local bookstores and e-shops around the world, on amazon and kindle.

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This book has changed the lives of millions around the Globe. A fantastic book with many inspiring thoughts and pearls of wisdom shared. It is a gathering of the main principles in leadership and guidance to achieve success in business and life. 

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Mercoledì, 25 Settembre 2019 21:46

Milioni di farfalle

L’ho iniziato a leggere questo libro esattamente a distanza di dieci anni dall’accaduto del 10 novembre 2008… Questo libro racconta una storia attendibile vissuta da un neurochirurgo americano di nome Eben Alexander. Come potevo non leggere un libro diventato #1 New York Times Best Seller?

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