Leadership wisdom from the monk who sold his Ferrari

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This book has changed the lives of millions around the Globe. A fantastic book with many inspiring thoughts and pearls of wisdom shared. It is a gathering of the main principles in leadership and guidance to achieve success in business and life. 

I want to unveil the content of this book briefly so that you will have a better understanding of what you will learn from it. Sharing is carrying, and I what to share what I find inspiring and of real value from this book. It teaches the 8 RITUALS, but on practice, it’s much more that than. It explains WHAT you should do to improve your life and the lives of your co-workers, friends, family members, and HOW you should. These are the main lessons (rituals) this book will teach

RITUAL 1: The ritual of a compelling future focus

Many of us have great ideas, but few of us dare to work realizing them. We often forget that we need to take action to make things happen. Moreover, we often find excuses to do it later (for reasons like the lack of time, too tired, too late, too early, etc.), while the time is passing. That is why it’s so important to create good habits (in this book called “rituals”) to keep our mindset and efforts focused on what is essential, no matter how busy our daily life can be. Each of us has something that motivates and wakes up our willingness to take action - find which one is yours and keep it in your mind all of the time. It is your burning fire that will help you moving forward, no matter what. We all feel the need to make our work matter and create an impact on other people’s life. Understand what your burning desire is and how achieving it will help others live a better experience - it will create a positive impact on your life, make your purpose matter and by reaching your success you will help along the way other people achieve what they want. People will start to help you on your path when they see that you want to share and give back to them and that you genuinely care about other people’s lives. Be honest - people will notice it. Be fair - people will appreciate it. Be true to your beliefs - people will know you as a person of honor, that will help you build a reputation. 

RITUAL 2: The ritual of human relations 

When we are strengthening relationships with people, we increase our capacity as leaders. If people do not trust you, they will not be willing to collaborate. First, you must earn people’s trust, and then they will give their devotion in return to you. Focus on building trust by fulfilling all the promisesshow sympathy, be an active listener, and always tell the truth. Do not try to impress, be authentic, and stay real to your beliefs, and let others know what you are standing for. Every leader will find it's own heard, so there is no need to chase rabbits. It is the secret to building stable and faithful relationships with people around you: your family members, your kids, your co-workers, business partners, and clients. Do not break promises – it will damage your integrity and image. Be a good listener: remember that when you listen, you show respect. Be sincere; people will always feel when you do not say it all or hide facts. Be respectful and kind, it is human decency, and it will improve the positiveness around you. People will want to stay around you; they appreciate and love people who care about them. Do not let conflicts evolve; if something happens, explain the matter, be opened about it, find a way to solve the issue immediately, do not delay, it will only get worse.

RITUAL 3: The ritual of team unity

A great leader encourages its subordinates to act, give proper training, develop abilities and directs, and give all the necessary tools to help the team win. We must always remember that time is flying like sand is running between our fingers, and we must appreciate every moment of our lives because once it’s gone, you cannot have it back. Find the courage to accept this truth and enjoy living every day of your life. Reward regularly, acknowledge relentlessly: when a leader appreciates the efforts that workers do, they will be willing to do even more and even better. Award hard-working and exceptional people, they will be your first and most faithful followers. Appreciate great results and let others know that are your expectations. Stimulate innovation and risk-taking. Do not be afraid of failings and don’t be too hush when something is not going the way you have expected; it can happen, it’s life, it’s business, so it’s part of the game. Behind failures are often hidden new lessons and stimulating new opportunities, just look for them.   

RITUAL 4: The ritual of adaptability and change management 

Success is coming to those who have disciplineattentiveness, patience, and tenacity. Get out of your comfort zone and look for something new, inspiring, and risky. Changes are one of the most potent strengths in the modern business environment – you must earn the flexibility and the capacity to adapt and change; another way you may risk to disappear. Embrace changes; do not fear them, and then you will see how many new doors will start to open to you. To climb to the top, you must incorporate new things all of the time. Be like the water, flowing along with the currents, not fighting against it. Learn along the way, read a lot and study, improve your skills, grow. Never stop. Apply in practice what you learn – remember, it doesn’t matter how much you know; it matters how much your practice of what you know. Be a positive thinker. 

RITUAL 5: The ritual of personal effectiveness 

Keep your mind focused on the most important and keep away small and insignificant matters. Concentrate on those things that will bring you maximum return and will help you achieve faster to your main goal. The secret is to build a system: it will guarantee consistent and progressive results. You need to create a system that will make every day productive and will help you eliminate those tasks that are mainly a waste of your time and effort. Find time every week to dedicate planning the next week’s activities, so that you will have your mind focused on the significant goals. Organize your next week by following five simple steps. First, revise your big future goals and then revise your current year’s goals; these you must keep them in mind at all times. Afterward, write down your goals of the week, those tasks that will bring you a step closer to your final goal, and every day do what you have planned. Look at every day as a micro-reflection of your entire life; what you do is what you’ve achieved, and what you don’t for a reason or another, you eventually lose. Keep track of achieved goals (this is the final step, a self-analysis). You will go to sleep with the satisfaction that you have accomplished what you have planned, and you will wake up with the energy to live another day with gratitude and hope because every day lived is bringing you closer to your dreams. The hardest part is to keep up with the planning, because there will be interferences, unexpected urgent things to solve, but if you follow the planned and adjust the rest, it will come well at the end of the day. Distribute your most important activities by days, so that you can keep track of the crucial aspects and be focused on Mondays for something, Tuesdays for other essential activities, and so on. Remember to keep one day a week for studying and self-development, and another day just for relaxation in nature. It is essential to take care of your mind, body, and soul at all times. 

RITUAL 6: The ritual of self-leadership 

Learn to self-control your emotions. So that others will respect and love you, you must first respect and love yourself (it is not about egoism, it’s about self-appreciation). When you are in good shape, filled with positive energy, you can inspire others to feel great and create good things. That is why it is so vital to continue self-studying, improve your capacities by constant reading, learning, experimenting. But also give yourself time to relax and recharge batteries. Better if in a quiet place in nature, it can be your garden, natural park, river, lake, or nearby woods; other times, visit the local vintage store to take some inspiration, or a museum to enjoy arts. Reflect and relax – the most excellent ideas, discoveries, and inventions came in a moment of peace and relaxation. Eat healthy food. Do some sports activities. 

RITUAL 7: The ritual of creativity and innovation 

In our digital era of information, change is the key to success. Your brain is the best investment you possess! Always look to find new solutions to a problem, discover non-standard approaches, wake up your productivity and innovation. See all, but think more extensive, outside the box! Sometimes a small idea can have a global impact on your career/business/life. 

RITUAL 8: The ritual of contribution and significance 

Become an example to others. Become the person to whom other people will be drawn to go for advice, from which would be willing to learn from, who will follow wherever you may be. “The purpose of life is a life with purpose.” – my favorite quote from this book. 

Leadership is a lifestyle. It always starts first with yourself, from developing a discipline that will guide you through everyday life decisions. Now, if you have the knowledge and determination, then you can achieve everything! Books (and other resources) can give you the insight, while the understanding of your primary goal will provide you with the determination to keep moving forward. Be patient, be kind, be persistent, and never stop.

Moreover, be ready to empty your mind, create space for new findings, concepts, ideas, be a never-ending student, eager to acquire and try something new, something different. It’s the only way to keep up with the fast-changing world. Life can bring obstacles along the way, even at the last moment, but true leaders never lose faith and always find a way to bring it to an end. 

Dream big! True leaders live simultaneously in two dimensions: in the present moment, managing the current situation, and planning and envisioning future achievements in the future. The world is a beautiful place, and everyone can find its happy place. The most important is to have courage and not be afraid of changes. 

This book deserves a reading. Moreover, I will keep this book on my desk to read it repeatedly to remind myself what I need to do to achieve greatness in life. How to discover new ways to help other people improve their life experience, and how to be a true leader for myself and the people in my life. It’s a book that inspires us to be courageous, inventive, and thoughtful, some of the most exceptional characteristics that each one of us has, but most of us are too lazy to get out of the comfort zone to experience greatness. Well, this book will help you find the courage to do that! 

Wish you well!


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