In our modern world, knowledge, skills, and talents rule the world and creates the most significant opportunities in life! Since ancient times, parents wanted more meaningful opportunities for their children, sent them to the best schools they could afford, taught them literature and mathematics, studied art and geography, and learned geometry and medicine. An important role has the quality of teaching and the number of studied materials: various studies will provide a large scale of knowledge and enable a young brain to think broader and more complex. The more kids learn from an early age, the more potential they develop less time and with minor efforts. Afterward, a grown-up person who will develop the ability to use all the accumulated knowledge will have the best chances in file with maximum results in any field they desire to work.

Moreover, it often matters not only the knowledge itself but also the name of the institution’s prestige: a diploma from the University of Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, Harvard are by themselves a brand and a guarantee for excellence and professionalism. The best students worldwide applied for scholarships and paid tuition positions in these universities first. Simultaneously, the most significant international companies look for premium workers among graduate students at these universities. Moreover, it is no secret that specific environments give privileges, positioning to a certain level in the society, opening doors, and creating a perspective path.

Although our high-competitive marketplace, relations, money, and good luck play a significant role, it will help up to a certain point. At the same time, further progress is possible only if possessing knowledge, specific skills, and abilities – these will form the foundation on which it is possible to build a lifetime career and success. These are so many big names that reached incredible success based on their skills and know-how, without even getting into a university and having no degree at all. 

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