May 2020 - Week 1 - Beauty Favorites of the week

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For the last two months of lockdown, I almost forgot what is like to enter a Sephora or Douglas shop for some beauty updates…

I cannot call myself as being “a beauty addict.” Still, I am a “beauty lover”. )) I love beautiful products, that offer quality merged with a nicely designed case-holder, that will allow myself, as a woman, to feel a little more special. It is the kind of cuddle every girl out there deserves, at least from time to time.

But fortunately, the internet connection has given the possibility to look on-line. So, let me share with you some of my favorites, that I am going to buy when shops open offline (cause I like to test first), and other products that I already both just this week, because I was sure of the quality and use made:

1-LANCASTER Sun Beauty Satin Dry Oil – is an excellent product for summer! I must say, that on myself, having a light skin tone (Nord European type), I must protect myself from UVA all the year-round, but mainly from spring till late autumn, when the sun hits strongly (in Italy mostly from April until October). This oil has a very classy bronzing tone, so it already gives a nice smooth tan, is absorbed almost immediately into the skin without leaving any trail of oil, and the same time offers 30 SPF protection from UVA, UVB, Visible Light and Infrared! I ordered the first bottle to try on because I was staying long hours in our garden, but just some days later, I ordered another bottle to have a reserve, so that you understand how impressed I remained! By the way, if you are in Italy, you can buy it from the same internet shop I did, which is and now it is on sales at 13,80 € (not 30,00 € the standard price). I love Lancaster products, I have already mentioned it in another post, form the last summer, and I will continue to do so, recommending them to others too, for as long as I remain satisfied with their performance. 

2-ORIGINS Drink Up intensive mask - is a product that I had in my kit of face products, and I just finished it. Now I have inserted it on my list “to buy” because this product is truly hydrating and nourishing! I have many masks for the face and neck, and I must say that this one has been the first on my list for the entire winter and spring! Moreover, I was using this mask as a primer underneath the foundation (liquid and mineral), and it performed beautifully! I had my skin soft all day long, and the texture was never dry, the foundation never creased. On in the standard size 75 ml it costs 23,90 €, which from my point of view is a fair price for a good quality product, made mainly from natural ingredients. 

Origins DrinkUp

3-FENTY BEAUTY Diamond Bomb baby set – includes mini formats of Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil and Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Fu$$y, in total for 25,90 € on . It is not cheap, considering it is a travel size. But, I’ve already acquired such a kit in the past: it included the Killawatt Hu$tla Baby Veil (a champagne color, which by the way, has a full-size mirror, so very comfortable to carry on), and the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Fenty Glow. I realized that these sizes for me lasts for more than a year, and I truly want to have for summer the Diamond Bomb Veil. It gives such a bright 3D sparkle, makes me instantly feel more radiant and fresh-looking. Fenty glosses, buy the way, are so good (I have all six shades!): gives a subtle 3D shine, does not stay greasy, and smells like candy! I wear them with great pleasure. Always. 

4-PIXI VITAMIN C Tonic – is very refreshing and hydrating, it keeps my skin smooth and clean, without feeling it tight or soaked after a day at sea, perfect for summer! I had already had it last summer, so I know I will like it for this summer too. In is available in 100 ml and in 150 ml. 

5-SHISEIDO SYNCHRO SKIN Self-Refreshing Foundation – I have heard so many positive reviews on the net about this foundation that I am willing to give a try! I am about to finish my usual Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh, so at the same price range, I intend to try this one. But need to take some samples to match my skin tone, so that requires going directly into the store and test. I will probably be a 220 Linen, but I am not sure; moreover, sometimes you need to buy two shades to mix and so create the perfect shade because, during the ear, our skin is getting from lighter in the winter to tan in the summer.

What are your preferred beauty products that you are eager to try on? Have you made yourself a list of “wants”? Share in the comments. 

With my best wishes,


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