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Wedding is something that every (or almost every) girl dreams about since childhood: that once, in a beautiful sunny day, in a marvelous castle filled with perfumed fresh flowers, wearing a designed haute-couture bride dress, walking on the red carpet along the aisle to embrace the marriage to your future, King-to-be Prince! Hah-hah I don’t know if I just described the marriage of Prince Harry with Meghan Markle or of the socialite Chiara Ferragni with Fedez?! 

We girls are dreaming about our wedding day since forever. Maybe because our parents read us beautiful fairy tales in childhood, so we raise with this flair of finding our price and living a fairytale life afterward? 

Of course, with some time and some life "experience” (you know what I mean by that), you finally meet him, The One, Mr. BIG! He would generously propose with a big-carat-diamond and you say “Yes!” (or even Yes! Yes! Yes!).

Now starts the fun part: preparations for the Wedding! Oh, girls, what an adventure is that?! I may know something…got through mine (two times), but you know there were even stronger cases… Remember Elisabeth Taylor and her eight husbands? Never give up! ))

You start to look for the perfect location, the dress, the flowers, decide the wedding theme (at least here in Italy where I live this is a must-have) and then decide when to celebrate it: maybe you would like in Springtime because the nature is in blossom, or maybe you would prefer in Autumn because of the abundance in rich colors and the temperature is more likeful to not sweat-to-death in your 5-meters long trail? Thousands of questions and if you want we can discuss them all, one by one.

But, today I want to talk to you about a symbol, that you (both) choose to wear for life: your Wedding Rings! And it may seem simple at first, but in the abundant offerings of today's marketplace, which extended to the World Wide Web with international shipping, it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed. So let me help you see what different styles are there, so you’ll know a little more and feel more confident to do the right choice. Cause, after all, this ring you’ll wear day-by-day for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! And you better choose something you really like!

First of all, there is the Classic ring, which in our days is proposed in yellow gold, pink gold, and white gold. It may be slimmer (from 2,5 mm) or wider (up to 5-6 mm); flat, rounded or edged. From what I see, at least fifty percent of the couples choose this type of wedding ring. And that's because it's timeless! It will suit you now at the age of twenty, and it will suit you latter at ninety. Such a ring you can wear by itself, or pair with the engagement ring side-by-side. 

I’ve chosen a classic one, but with a modern cutting, it is from the Italian brand the model name is “Hydra Slim” in White Gold: simple and beautiful, has a lot of light because of the cutting edges, looks unique, and incredibly comfortable to wear (in slim-version you almost don’t feel it on finger). You can see it in the photo here below.

Furthermore, here bellow I want to show you some different interpretations of the Classic wedding ring you can find, at least here in Italy where I live, brands like:

  1. - love their models FE372 “rocks” and FE395 which reminds me of the Casa Batllò from Barcelona, designed by the famous Architect Antonio Gaudì.
  2. – look how astonishing are looking these particular models: Vita 2984 (from Italian means “life”), Amore Puro 2503 (from IT “pure love”) and Sentieri 2985 (from IT “paths”)!
  3. – the edged model “Special Day”

Secondly, there is the Modern ring, which is nothing else than the re-interpretation of the classical ring, very often proposed as the combination of at least two types of gold, can be yellow-white gold, can be pink-white gold, it may have some diamonds too; or even in the combination three-in-one gold. See some of my preferred models' bellow: Orsini FE307, Orsini FE346, Orsini FE397, Polello Vita 2984, Polello Cuori 2693.

And at last, there is an enormous world of wedding rings with Different Stones (sparkle white diamonds and colored stones), with personalized graphics, praises, hearts, hands, flowers, etc. These are ones of my preferred:

Polello Stelle 2980, Orsini 1770G, Orsini flexible diamond-stoned 2762G, Orsini diamonds-and-sapphires 2668 G-Z, the “Large Ingot” band in yellow gold and green emeralds or in white gold and blue sapphires.

If you want to be unique, look for something like hand-made especially designed for you! Here is a laboratory in Italy (in Genova) that creates some particular pieces, the laboratory is called “My Golden Age” my favorite models are Ohana and Jungle. I also love the work of Anna Sheffield (Canada) Look at the model “Sheaves” in art deco style or this kind of 20-s “Celestine” with five clusters of white diamonds. And not at least, I love the work of the Japanese artist Sakurako Shimizu, that had the idea of creating unique wedding rings by recoding the vows of future spouse-to-be and transform it into sound waves incrustation on the ring! How amazing is that! 

Sorry, I didn’t mention any models from Bulgary, Cartier, Tiffany, Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels and other big names from the jewelry industry. It’s just because I feel the wedding ring must be something intimate and less brand-name statement. Although I must admit, I love to wear jewelry from these brands and have in my collection some of their pieces (mostly earrings).

To conclude, I would suggest: choose a timeless piece, the one that you will not get tired after a few years and that you can wear with different styling outfits and will always look in place!

We are dreamers. And you know, it’s ok to be a dreamer! I think that without dreams, nothing ever happens, nothing comes true. So dream Big, Girls! Because that special day will come and you will have your chance to celebrate your wedding in your big way! Most important is to keep in mind that the wedding day is only the beginning of a long (and hopefully) happy life together with the person you love! I wish you to find yours! And I wish you happiness!

Disclaimer: none of the brands mentioned in this post have sponsored me, I talk about them because from personal research for my wedding (September 2018) I found them interesting and particular, and I like their pieces. I hope you like them too. And if you have some other preferred brands or you already picked your model ring and wish to share, let me know in the comment section below. I would love to discover something new for myself.

Thank you for being with me today, Beautiful #metropolitanme Girls!

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Best regards,


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