Dress for success - Boho Chic Style

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The Boho Chic Style reflects a lifestyle through dressing, makeup, and hairstyle. It has its origins from the hippie years, but with additional glamour to it. The essential elements that characterize the hippie style of the seventies were naturality, simplicity, and earth-tones, while the Boho added refinement, layers, and luxurious decorative embellishments. 

To create a look in Boho Chic Style, you need to remember these three rules:

  1. Select clothes in natural colors and fabrics: cotton, linen, silk, velvet, leather, suede, wool, and cashmere. Choose to have in your wardrobe pieces in white, black, all the beige shades and browns, ocher, dark green, and burgundy. 
  2. Use lace and embroidery on dresses, shirts, skirts, vests, shorts, foulards, and more, but also remember to play with whimsical prints like florals and ethical motives. 
  3. Loose shapes and minimal cuts: the keyword in Boho is comfortability. Choose flowy and soft materials. To uplift the creativity and complexity of the look, combine loose fit with adherents and layer up. But also, off-the-shoulders and generally, showing some skin, is a desirable feature in this style. 

The fantasies used in Boho style usually recall the vibrant Moroccan mosaics, colorful Spanish tiles, wool ponchos from Perù, flowers, and geometry. All the accessories must be in earthy tones and made of natural materials: a Fedora hat in wool or straw, a high leather belt in black or brown, cowboy and ankle boots, wedges with wood platforms, gladiator sandals and sneakers for the most unconventional ones. Bags must also be in leather; the preference is given to the over-the-shoulders models, decorated with fringes and studs. To create layering and complete the look, give attention to the bijoux: slim colorful and metallic bracelets, but also earrings, made of different metals and embellished with natural stones, feathers, leather and shells, paired with necklaces in different lengths and materials, thing rings on all fingers, and even anklets. Choose vintage style sunglasses; those in the seventies style with large frames are perfect. Wear natural makeup, using neutral tones, to create sun-kissed looks and flawless, youthful skin, while for the evening go with “smudged” smokey eyes and black kajal. Prefer effortlessly up-does and wavy or beachy hairstyle, on a natural blonde, brown, reddish, or black hair color. 

Among fashion brands that embody this style, I recall mostly Etro, Alexander McQueen, and The Row, while in the star system, the ones that are wearing it for years and with great taste are the twin-sisters Olsen (also the founders of The Row brand).

Most important, remember that Boho Style is about the self-expression of freedom, naturalness, and the joy of living! Be happy and experiment with this style! To love and live style through self-expression is the best way to experience fashion!

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