A small history of the SACK dress and its variants (COCCOON, BABY-DOLL, BALLOON)

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The perfect dress for all body types, looking feminine and avant-guarde!

Indeed, the COCOON DRESS is made by uniting two identical size and shaped pieces of fabric. As a result, we have a dress that barely touches the body, going straight from head to bottom. There are no darts, tucks, or cutting lines. If the dress has sleeves, these are following the same concept of the dress, going down from shoulders to the wrest, looking voluminous. This dress is usually knee length or slightly lower.


History tells us, that in 1951, Cristobal Balenciaga created the costume with the “butterfly” silhouette, a model that was warmly encountered. Women finally had an elegant and stylish garment, allowing hiding some extra kilos on the waistline and hips, without feeling guilty or embarrassed. 

A similar creation was launched by another great designer of those times, Hubert de Givenchy. In 1957, they both launched a collection of these cocoon dresses. 

However, the highest popularity this model got in the Seventies, and later in the Nineties. Moreover, as we know, fashion trends go in cycles, so in the latest years came back on trend!

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Which are the best accessories to wear with such a dress?

- First of all, based on the dress length, we must choose the size of the heel. If the dress is floor length, the best will be a pair of flat sandals or ballerinas; while with knee length, you can choose a high heel you desire (excluding maybe wedges and platforms that may look clumsy with such a dress).

- As for the purse, the most appropriate shape and size would be a clutch.

- Yet another great accessory to this look will offer a pair of beautiful gloves, long to cover the elbows, or, on the contrary, short and unique in style.

- This model dress is bold and avant-guarde, so wearing fine jewelry with it might not be a proper choice. Better point out wearing minimum pieces, which can make a strong statement and balance the look. For example, a maxi bracelet, or a massive necklace made of a few chains or beads.

Another variant of this dress is the so-called SACK dress. It covers all, from the chestline and waistline to the knees. The entire dress is a rebellion agains classical canons of femininity and sexuality. Therefore, one must decide if to keep the rebelion feeling, therefore use it in the military style or grange; or, wear it with more feminine accessories, therefore transform the look into a casual style.

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Moreover, there is a third variant, the SHIFT dress, characterized by mini length, a straight silhouette, no accent on the waistline, and free on the hips-line. It got the name “shift” to symbolize the changes in society from the Fifties to the Sixties of the last century. That was a period, when the American youth generation was expanding, reflecting independence and freedom of judgment.


All these loose-fit dresses, the COCOON, the SACK, and the SHIFT dresses, are discreet, elegant, and meet the requirements of the minimalistic style, clean and simple.



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The GOLDEN RULE is saying: with a sophisticated dress, choose simple accessories, and, on the contrary, with a minimalistic dress, choose bold statement jewelry. Makeup and hairstyle must be extremely laconic.

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