Proof of heaven

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I've started to read this book precisely ten years from the incident itself related to this book which took place on 10th November 2008. It's the real story of a doctor from Virginia USA by name Eben Alexander. This book became a #1 New York Times Best Seller!

The story begins like many others: a successful doctor lives a good life together with his wife and two sons on the Virginia hills in the USA. He practices neurosurgery for over twenty years being a respectful and appreciated doctor, loved by his friends and family.

But one autumn day is going to change his life forever... Seamed like he was passing through a usual respiratory virus. In an instant his condition became critic: he loses control over muscles and cannot move his body at all. Some hours later the ambulance takes him to the emergency in hospital, the same hospital where he was a doctor, now a patient in a most critical state. The diagnosis is among the worst one can attend: “bacterial E-colic meningitis” (doctors know, that this is one of the most dangerous situations, because of the high percentage of mortality and/or heavy immobility consequences).

While he is in the deepest coma, where the cerebral cortex remains absent, he passes over to another reality… After seven long days in that condition, he will suddenly wake up and by miracle completely cured. He will remember everything he saw in those days he was elsewhere and will start to tell his experience, where he was taken to, what he saw, and relating a proven fact that the Life over exists for real!

This is an emotional story. More than that, being a doctor he could prove scientifically that what he experienced was not a dream, not an invention of the brain (which staid for all this time in coma) and that there is another reality we don`t see (now) and that we don`t understand (now), but it undouble exists!

An easy-to-read book, some might take just a few hours or at a maximum of one or two days. It is a revealing and emotional story. Like one of that critical and unbelievable stories you may see on TV, but with a happy ending. Recommend this book!

And what books you have read on the life beyond? Let me know in the comment section here below, I would love to know about other incredible real stories.

With my best wishes to all,


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