The Book "Mating Games" - for WOMEN

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Dear LADIES, this blog post is dedicated to you!

From the same book “Mating Games”, authors Vadim Shlahter and Tatiana Shlahter, let’s explore the world of MEN without filters. 

In our women’s world, MEN are also divided into three big groups:

  1. Worthless, better alone than badly accompanied
  2. So-so, don’t expect too much so you won’t be disappointed
  3. Suitable, the best on the market

Now, let us get into details… In the FIRST MACRO CATEGORY we will find:

1.1. The Alcohol, The Narcotic, and The Games Boy. Terrible because obsessed with his vicious addiction. All the rest will be of no interest. 

1.2. The Thrifty Man. Avid. Will count every penny. Reduce expenses to a minimum not because has no money, but because he is greedy. No shopping. No freedom. No nothing. The first question he asks: “How much is it?” The first comment he gives: “That is too expensive!” He will either accumulate money on an account, either will spend it on some unnecessary stuff. In a few words, even if he may have the face and the body of Brad Pitt (or take any handsome man you know), and rich as Jason Bessos today, he is not good for marriage. 

1.3. The Parasite. A creative personality, so to speak. Weed, vodka, and endless sublime rhetoric. Will stay with you untill he is in need, after which moves to the next victim. 

1.4. One of "The Lads"The forever gang-boy spending time with his lads among alcohol and cigarettes. Endless problems with mates and soccer games. First and foremost, comes the brotherhood, spending time and money hanging late nights in garages, going out for fishing or hunting, going to all seasons play games. 

1.5. The Sectarian. A life filled with abstention and prays.  Minimum of sex, maximum of soul salvation, and nothing more. A limited submissive relationship.

In the SECOND CATEGORY go basically hard-working men, which are good, just particularities with their personality and sometimes low self-esteem, which will evidently drop their potentiality in life. More specifically:

2.1. The Hard-WorkingGoes around all day long placing stitches and picking up stuff that others threw away. Earns little money and has no aspiration to gain more. With pleasure will spend time with kids. Suitable for women with basic needs, who does not look for shoes from Prada and will be satisfied wearing a shabby ten-year-old coat. 

2.2. The Narcissist. Dedicated to self-praise and self-admiration, a coward, mostly not able to earn by himself but supreme others; believe they are always right and that they deserve to have it all, at all times, and nothing less than that. As protector is null and void.

2.3. The Sissy Boy. A direct subject to manipulations and suggestions. If learning his mother’s way of talking and behaving, and keeping him close and under constant supervision, then you can build a good relationship. If you will find a common language with his mother, then all will be great; but if not – it will get complicated… However, do not deceive yourself: in your relationship will always be three – you, your partner, and his mother. Period.

2.4. The Macho Man. It depends on many variables and factors. Usually he is a thoughtful and working man, but if you dare to show off in front of him and get him angry, he becomes aggressive and dangerous. Take into consideration his origins, traditions, and cultural background, the subject can be risky. Look closely, consider all facts and aspects.

The THIRD CATEGORY include men mostly suitable for long-term relationships and marriage:

3.1. The Soldier. Unceremonious, straightforward, sarcastic. Will protect his wife at all costs. Family to him – is like an entrusted division - to organize, manage and protect. Usually, brings all the money in the family.  But, less as romantic; he will not pay attention to details, he might even forget your anniversary date. He will not give importance to little things. A defender.

3.2. The Romantic. Elegantly negligent, sometimes old-fashioned. Emotional, sensitive, easily offended, but easygoing. Loves making surprises and please unexpectedly. Precious! 

3.3. The Daddy. Will relate to his wife and lovers as to his kids. Attentive, carrying, rigorous. As a rule, he is strong and socially oriented. If not reach, at least has a status. Likes to take care, look after. Loves several women at once, but all of them sincerely and from the heart (it may be his mother, systers, daughters, etc). Has a big heart. If a woman lacked parenting attention – he will be perfect.  

3.4. The Hero Lover. Just super! The dream of many women. One problem – cannot be domesticated. Is giving pleasure and love to every female he finds admiration, and that matches his ideals of beauty. However, marriage, unfortunately, is non-suitable… 

Concluding, I wish to say one more thing: do not take too personally this classification, and simply take into consideration that the world is big and various. You can meet on your path different types, just know how to recognize them, and do not be deceived: look straightforward, identify the person by its characteristics, accept the fact that people rarely change (if never at all!!) and if you welcome somebody into your life, TAKE IT ALL OR LIVE IT! Every type has its PROS- and CONS- so don’t be miss leaded to avoid disappointment and lost of time and other resources.

The book itself is written with Russian sarcasm, which help the authors to manifest straightforward how things really are, without filters. So, to all Russian speakers I would really recommend this book for reading – you will have some good time, believe me! ))

However, I must admit myself, as reader, it takes courage to listen, acknowledge and accept the reality. There are no men without a fault. And there are no women filled with sole virtues. We are human beings, with faults and virtues, making us unique in hour own way.

Respect everyone, but welcome into your life only those persons who makes you happy, people with whom you feel connected, affiliated, with whom you can share a life story, with whom you can live happier ever after…. Life is ONE, so live it AT BEST!



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