The Book "Mating Games" - for MEN

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WE ALL COME INTO THIS WORL INNOCENT baby (it’s a fact!)…and then we grow up into adults, and all the way from our infancy and until our last breath (essentially) we learn to make our choices – choices that are influenced by our feelings, surroundings, family and friends, culture and traditions we live in, the society and political habitat, but also educational background and prerogatives we have in different periods of our lives, from the kindergarten to school, and to high school, and afterward to professional and business life. All these factors, and more, influences our lifestyle and unconsciously we make our choices based on what we have seen, learned, and experienced until this moment in time. 

Wise people say, “we learn from our mistakes”; but the truth is, it would be even better if we could learn from “other people’s mistakes”; it might save us from wasting time on people who do not deserve our time and our love and avoid heartbreaking and painful experiences.

Hopefully, the small talk today about RELATIONSHIPS will help you see and understand clearer different topologies of MEN and WOMEN, and inspire you do the right choice for yourselves and build a happy relationship! LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS to spend it with people who does not deserve us!

This blog post is dedicated to MEN-readers!

If you are looking for a WOMAN with whom to build a long-term relationship, and even marry and have a family one day, then you MUST KNOW what type of characters exist. How to recognize with whom you are dealing with and what to expect from them in order to be happy, so choose wisely! 

The authors of the book “Mating Games”Vadim Shlahter and Tatiana Shlahter, unveils how MEN and WOMEN are made, without filters. 

Dear MEN, please get familiar with the main WOMEN behavioral types!

Which can be divided into three main groups:

  1. Groundwork, basic needs with basic traits
  2. Adequate, not too much, not too little
  3. Sublime natures, top class

Now lets get into details, briefly and straightforward. 

From the FIRST BIG GROUP we can identify as folows:

1.1.  The Ameba. Talks little, and oftenly with nonsense. Almost unable to reasonably think by herself. Has learned a few behavioral algorithms and uses them as card-notes. Often has an extravagant appearance. Her interests resume to food, comfort, and relaxation. 

1.2.  The Milkmaid. Funny, amusing, trustful, and polite. Loving noisy companies, karaoke. Easely dispositioned. Overall, a generator of positive emotions. 

1.3.  The Sex-seller. Quite obvious - it's the woman type who sells her sex services and attractiveness. Retail – is the typical situation. Mini wholesale – a barter, sex for career perspectives or maintenance. Wholesale trade – a marriage of convenience. A woman who is selecting a man with coolness and calculation, and a woman selling sex for money on the Red Light District in Amsterdam, refer to the exact same category. 

1.4.  The Amazonian. Her envy for a man’s virility will follow her through the entire life. She is obsessed with mainly two things: a) to prove everyone she is as taught as a man, b) humiliate as many men as possible. Constantly on nerves, may even start to intercourse with women, just to prove she can live without men! There are two main types: 1) feminine, trying to seduce men just to break off afterward and prove she has the control, 2) masculine, emphasizing her masculinity through image and status. 

In the SECOND MACRO GROUP we can include:

2.1. The Victim. This is an extremely painful case, with lots of troubles from the past, even from the enfancy. Always has unsolved problems. Does not have the time to get out from one and gets into a new situation. Is a chronic headache for her husband/lovemate. Nevertheless, she is usually looking good and knows how to curate her physical appearance. She has that something, energy, that attacks like magnet “positive men”, wishing to "help a woman in need", finding for themselves a true “pain in the ass”. 

2.2. The Teacher. A real headache. Dresses poorily, like a “bluestocking” (a sarcastic nickname describing a scientist woman with no charm and completely absorbed by the books), convincing herself and others that her figure looks good in just about anything she puts on. Doesn't care about her aspect, make-up and hairstyle, convinced that her smart mind and quick-wittedness will replace it all. Always keeps at disposal ready-made solutions. Knows all, about everything, all the time.  A “smart face” advising everybody how to live and what to do. Criticizes (a lot). 

2.3. The Business-hyper. Women to whom the most important in life is her passion for business/career. She is smart, looking good, knows how the business works; but from a human-being perspective she is null and void. Moreover, almost always is carrying a dictatorship voice. Her dress-code is composed either of business suits or glamour-sexy dresses, being convinced, that it will help her in career advancement. 

2.4. The Obsessed-Possesed. This woman is exalted because of the past intense relationship lived with a certain man, who left her for a reason or the other, and since then she is looking for that “lost feeling”. In other words, deeply obsessed with a certain typology. Troubled. Always in "lost in her pain" uncapable of understanding how to live her life. 

For example, if she lived in the past an intense relationship with a yoga trainee, she would get obsessed with all related to yoga, going to bed only with yoga men, study yoga as a lifestyle, get addicted to yoga pitches, and talk only on this topic, considering it as the only way she can live her life. A magnet to attract men for occasional matting, easily drawn into different kinds of sects, games, and questionable groups.

2.5. The Vampire. Drinks all the energy from men she can break off. With all its appearance she will seduce, playing sweet and charming; but as soon as she catches the men’s attention, changes the rules of the game, now playing the bitch, enjoying the energetic disappointment and frustration of the poor man. She will treat with disapproval everyone on every occasion. The main thing for her is looking good and take beautiful poses. 

In the THIRD CATEGORY we get to know women capable of developing a happy long-term relationship:

3.1. The Volcano. A stormy temperament! Brings out the strongest emotions. Has the power to engrave in memory and heart. But if you bring her to hate, she will not find peace until revenging, doing it not once, but several times. She is not a capricious character. On small things easily concedes Betrays rarely, usually between disappointment and final break up.

3.2. The Good Wife. A woman for which the husband comes in the first place. Her main reason in life – is to please the husband. She takes care of herself to please him. Goes to the gym to please him. She will forgive her husband EVERYTHING, except the lack of love. In such a case, she will suffer. Can even leave. Practically an endangered species. 

3.3. The Martyr.  It is the category of women, to whom her personal sentiments and feelings comes at first. She is ready to withstand any kind of troubles and complicated situations, not so much for the love for her husband/boyfriend, but mostly because of her sentiments she is feeling for that relations/situation. She loves all that looks polished: words, things, behaviors. A proud nature. She will look with contempt to those who are not elevated enough. 

3.4. The Mother. Everything she does is for kids. Her passion and care for kids are almost suffocating. Because of her incapacity to look for herself and dedicate attention to her husband, often remains alone. Lives only with thoughts of children, like a constant obsession. Quite stupid, quite boring. Limited. She has no interests, and no topics or hobbies, besides kids. If the husband is lucky enough, she will relate to him as to a big baby, becoming almost ideal for those, who lacked for maternal love. 

The entire book is quite interesting to read, with many story-telling and disclosure of scenes. The authors manage to talk about a couple’s life without filters. Unfortunately, I did not find this book translated into English, but if among you are some Russian-speakers, I do recommend this book for reading! You will have a lot of good time!

At last, remember NO ONE IS PERFECT! Do not get disappointed – we are seven billion on this planet. Do not think it is impossible to find what you want, have patience, and be persistent. Life can surprise at the moment you expect it the least! 

With best wishes,


MetropolitanMe Blogger