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Dear Ladies,
What men do appreciate is to be next to a classy woman. Take into consideration that a clean, fresh manicure is a must-have at all times! Our hands are always in the front row. There is no doubt everybody knows how many different tasks a woman accomplishes in her day-to-day life. But that does not mean we have the excuse to be less than a Lady accurate and on point.

Nevertheless, we may not always have the time to go to a salon, I know in bussy days it's hard to find the time and it may take hours to get there. But we are completely capable of doing a good quality manicure at home by ourselves. All we need is a set of stacks to prepare the nails, a good performance nail polish and about fifteen minutes of our time. 

I would also suggest, in case you have shaken hands and do not feel confident to do it by yourself, ask your best friend to help you. Afterward, you can exchange with other benefits back like preparing her beloved cookies, do a massage or give other benefits. It can be a win-win situation for both of you! 

If we look closely at the Royal Family we see they wear all Nude Colors, basically pinks and whites in different shades. Allow me to point out that these colors are also very practical: they have the longest staying power and can wear for more than one week but still look great. 

Hollywood prefers mostly different shades of Reds or/and Blacks, besides neutrals. Moreover, there is also the scene where Tendencies of the year are the most popular, so if you want to know what this year’s trends are, take a closer look at @Oscar’s red-carpet ceremony, @BAFTA, @Festival de Cannes, @Festival of Venice, @MTV Music Awards and other big events.

What I love to do most of the time is to challenge myself and try different combinations of classics or use the power of the colors. Other times I love to add some geometry. Depends where I’m going that week, what I’m going to wear and how much time I have at my disposal:

1) The neon power of Fuchsia – on photo Manhattan Last&Shine – color 350 MEOW-TYFUL - intense color, gel-like-shine, long-lasting and quick drying. When I’m in the mood for Springtime and want to wear some powerful color-blocking outfits, I always choose something powerful like a fuchsia. 


2) A deep pastel Pink – on photo Deborah 7 Days Long - color 881 - a perfect long-lasting nail varnish with anti-shock formula. This is the kind of color I would wear on a day to day basis. It' a perfect shade to feel feminine but at the same time, not attire too much attention, as many offices look requires it. 


3) Classic, but in a different way - a combination of 3 neutral colors – in photo Essie color 484 Sweet Soufflé (white), Sky Kisses color 37 Silver (silver) e Guerlain color 007 Black Perfecto (black). This combination I’ve worn with several outfits for an entire week, pairing with Total White, Total Grey, and Total Black outfits. It always looked great!


What colors do you love to wear? Let me know in the comment section below.

With my best wishes,


MetropolitanMe Blogger