How to achieve flawless makeup in a few minutes

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Hello Gorgeous!

Today I would like to share with you my simple and very productive way how to get ready in 5 minutes. It’s particularly useful for those days when you are in a hurry to get to work, or if you are a new mom and you need to get things done quickly, so you get back to your baby. 

When I have less than 5 minutes to prepare for the day, I create a simple yet effective makeup look, using a few qualitative products:

  1. A good quality CC cream to even out the skin. The one that I loved is “IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50”. Some other times, I would use mineral powders; my preferred is “BareMinerals Original”. These products are easy to apply, and in just a few moves, the application is made. 
  2. concealer to use under eyes area to cover veins and dark circles. My latest favorite is the “BareMinerals Stroke of light” in the shade 02.
  3. brow pomade to shape my thin and uneven brows. On my top list is the “Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade” in the shade Blonde. 
  4. colored balm for the lips to smooth out, give hydration and bit of natural juicy tint to my lips. The one that I am using lately is from “Sephora Rouge Baume B03” (a watermelon red). I would use a bit to apply a little on the cheeks to bring youthfulness.
  5. An excellent long-lasting eyeshadow stick or an eyeshadow cream that is easy to apply (directly from the stick and smudge with my fingers). Some of my go-to in the recent period are the “Kiko Milano long-lasting eyeshadow stick” (in colors 48 green, 39 brown, and 46 a duo-chrome purple-grey) and the “Bourjois Metal 24h” liquid eyeshadow in color 07 gold.
  6. black mascara that would curl and hold my lashes. The one that I keep buying, again and again, is the “Essence Lashes of the day”. 

Especially now, that we must wear masks in public to cover our nose-mouth area, I found that it is of importance to create accents on the EYES MAKEUP. Here below, I share some of my favorite products from this category, some are less expensive, others are luxe, but all of these are great in quality! You can choose among:


1 1 Stila

1 2 Armani

1 3 Bourjois

1 4 Marc Jabobs


2 Nabla   ClioMakeUp


3 1 Kiko Milano

3 2 Shiseido

I prefer sticks over the first two categories because they have a longer life. From my personal experience, I saw that cream eyeshadows tend to dry fast (mine lasted no longer than 6-7 months). While liquid eyeshadows may not have the same consistency in the formula, it can vary from shade to shade, so it’s Russian roulette, although, with some brands, it is almost always a win, like those from Stila, that is a m a z i n g! 

My best wishes,


MetropolitanMe Blogger