Colors for the waterline to make your eyes pop

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The best makeup artists in the world showed us how a buttery-white eyeliner applied on the waterline makes our eyes look bigger, brighter, and fresher. But is it the only color that serves this purpose

On my own risk, I have experimented with some NEON and GLITTERED COLORS that I have at home. The result with some colors I like better, but overall I think these colors give a similar bigger and brighter effect, but some of them also add a unique youthfulness to the face without being “too much”. 

Coloring the waterline, I think it is a great way to add some color, but without exaggerating. Applying a colorful eyeshadow is much more of a statement, while a clean and straightforward underlined eye is just a pop of color. Moreover, it is not the classical application of colored winged eyeliner, but much more of an unexpected and flattering application. 

Maybe you’re not sure if it is made for you? Then take a look on some of my experiences on a neutral-tones eye look with some neon colors I’ve used on my waterline, and then see for yourself if this technique is made for you or not:

In my opinion, the “electric vibe” from Essence in 02 #sorrynotsorry looks great on me! What do you say? Which is your favorite look on me? Share it in the comments; I would like to know your opinions on it.

I like to share beauty tips on my blog, hope it will be useful for you!

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