"MOD" Hairstyle

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The genius behind the MOD “Model Off Duty” hairstyle is Harry Josh. He is known and loved for his authentic and recognizable sexy-chic hairstyles, creating wavy curls of casual style with a touch of toughness.

How is he doing it?

HERE’S MY SELF-MADE MOD HAIRSTYLE (best for straight or wavy natural hair):

Step 1: Wash hair in the evening, blow-dry at the half. Put your hair in a bun and go to sleep.

Step 2: In the morning, untie the bun. If you need to take a shower, wrap your hair with a towel to not get humidity.

Step 3: Use some dry shampoo at roots if you need to create more volume. Brush lower layers of hair to not ruin the waves.

Step 4: Use a curling iron of a large diameter if you need to add some new waves.

Step 5: Loose your hair or put in a loose bun. To maintain that casual-chic vibe and to frame the face, leave some spare drop strands.


Do you like this style? Share your picture of #modstyle, I would love to see it! ))

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