As we saw in detail from the previous chapters, each part of your home is responsible for one of the sectors of your life, but bathrooms, showers, and saunas in Feng Shui are seeing as some kind of “terrible evil” that “flushes away” the pure energy of Qi. That is why these areas are not recommended to be in the center of the house. Moreover, in many houses constructed following Feng Shui rules, these zones are placed usually at the end of a corridor at the north, leaving the south to the location of a living room and bedroom. 

This is a prejudice, taking its roots from ancient times when there were no toilets in the house. However, rich people were curated by many servants who were cleaning and taking out regularly, keeping intact the Feng Shui of the house. Thanks to the evolution of industry and technology, we have always managed to organize these areas keeping them clean and fresh, at least regarding its physical aspects. While from the Feng Shui point of view, it is also necessary for clearing out the Qi energy, eliminating negative and unclean areas.

One of the sectors that are highly protected is the Sector of Helpful People and Friends. This sector is responsible for bringing many useful alliances to life. Having the support and help of powerful and influential people is an absolute need for reaching success.

In our modern world, we learn to rely mostly on ourselves. But as more useful friends we have, the more support we can get. And that is a fact! We need to learn how to create good relationships with surrounding society: we depend on our partners, clients, teachers, local and national authority. And there is a positive side to this aspect. We regularly interact with other people, work for people, and gain profits because of the services and products we offer to people. So, curating this sector's potential is of significant importance to every one of us, no matter what type of activity we do for a living or in what part of the world we are.

In our modern world, knowledge, skills, and talents rule the world and creates the most significant opportunities in life! Since ancient times, parents wanted more meaningful opportunities for their children, sent them to the best schools they could afford, taught them literature and mathematics, studied art and geography, and learned geometry and medicine. An important role has the quality of teaching and the number of studied materials: various studies will provide a large scale of knowledge and enable a young brain to think broader and more complex. The more kids learn from an early age, the more potential they develop less time and with minor efforts. Afterward, a grown-up person who will develop the ability to use all the accumulated knowledge will have the best chances in file with maximum results in any field they desire to work.

Moreover, it often matters not only the knowledge itself but also the name of the institution’s prestige: a diploma from the University of Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, Harvard are by themselves a brand and a guarantee for excellence and professionalism. The best students worldwide applied for scholarships and paid tuition positions in these universities first. Simultaneously, the most significant international companies look for premium workers among graduate students at these universities. Moreover, it is no secret that specific environments give privileges, positioning to a certain level in the society, opening doors, and creating a perspective path.

Although our high-competitive marketplace, relations, money, and good luck play a significant role, it will help up to a certain point. At the same time, further progress is possible only if possessing knowledge, specific skills, and abilities – these will form the foundation on which it is possible to build a lifetime career and success. These are so many big names that reached incredible success based on their skills and know-how, without even getting into a university and having no degree at all. 

In oriental cultures, having healthy and numerous children is a guarantee for support and help at retirement age and, philosophically speaking, genus immortality. In the compass school, it is the West's direction, and according to the Lo-Shu quadrant, it is number seven.

In Feng Shui, some interrelations may not be seen immediately, but they exist. For example, if a family has no children yet, they must potentiate first of all the Sector of Relationships, Love & Marriage (direction South-West); meanwhile, for the benefit of the already existing children, you must potentiate the Sector of Children

People tend to think about their health when it is staggered or closer to retirement after a certain age. Young people tend to take it for granted and pay almost no attention to it. Nevertheless, without good health, nothing else is possible. It is always a truth to keep in mind, and with it, take good care of your health. It is essential to dedicate time and attention to curating and potentiating the Sector of Health.

A human being is seeing as one integral part along with its habitat. All that surrounds us interconnects and influences our health and well-being, and if we take the specifics of Feng Shui, then it is related to our home. According to the science of Feng Shui, our health is directly influenced by a series of factors, starting from the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the house we live in. So, if we pay adequate attention to our house's area responsible for health, we can obtain excellent results for our entire family and us.

One of the best sectors to experiment with is the Sector of Fame. On a larger scale, this sector is responsible for Reputation, Recognition, and Inspiration.

The good name and reputation worth its weight in gold, and that are since ancient times. Some sectors, like commerce, business, politics, show-business, and public people, where recognition of their talents and merits, are vital elements – it guarantees success and prosperity. For many persons, fame is not the final target, but necessary to build a business, find new opportunities, increase sales, and make new revenues. Honor, respect, authority, and gossip, rumors, defamation – all these concepts relate to the sector of Fame.

An essential role in our lives occupies the career we decide to pursue in life. This sector is responsible for spheres life-related with authority, influence, power, and privileges at work. It is particularly important for persons working in a sphere with a rigid hierarchy system (such as military, politics, international corporations, etc.). For people working in arts (painters, artists, sculptors, etc.) and in the commercial sector, this sector is important to act if you desire to reach a particular social recognition, a director’s positioning that gives authority and privileges. Moreover, this sector is also vital to people carrying about their personal growth and self-development. Persons who already achieved the highest rank and those expecting retirement also need to curate this sector – to help them keep the positioning and arrive at retirement without any unexpected obstacles. Oriental cultures strongly believe in the power of pure energy bringing good luck and fortune. Undoubtedly, nothing can be achieved without hard work and perseverance; Feng Shui thought is an ancient art that you can apply in your home to increase chances in life, potentiate your career and achieve personal good luck. 

One of the essential aspects of life is relationships and family. The millennian practice of Feng Shui, whose purpose is to improve a human’s experience, clean life path, and boost energy where is lacking, gives particular attention to this sector of Love and Relationships. Researchers say that this sector of life is interesting people, even more than wealth and prosperity. It is probably because nothing in life can compensate for the lack of love and reciprocal comprehension. That is the reason why it is so vital to curate with attention and care this sector of life, even if at present you are in a good loving relationship with your partner and family members. 

In the practice of Feng Shui, extreme attention is given to the bedroom – it is considered the most important space in the house, even more, important than the living room or kitchen. A healthy and harmonious relationship between spouses is the most significant guarantee for happy and lasting well-being in the family. Before starting to activate the sector of love and relationships, first control your bedroom and make sure it complies with Feng-Shui's essential rules.

Now we start to see in-depth each sector, and Feng Shui practices suggest applying to potentiate a particular field. Today we will see what techniques and talismans proposes Feng Shui to potentiate the Sector of Wealth & Prosperity, otherwise called the Sector of Money. It is the direction of South-East, governed by the Wood element

At all times, this sector had significant importance to people, no matter where they lived or when. Many consider that although we may have good health and great kids, our happiness is incomplete if there will be no housing wealth. Moreover, in oriental cultures, being wealthy is not considered shameful, so in China, it is common to wish for themselves and dear people to have “wealth and prosperity”. Europeans, arriving on these lands, perceive with bewilderment the openness and overt display of wealth. However, in the Orient is a habit to place their wealth at sight not necessary to impress guests, but because of their firm belief that it will attract even more the energy of success and wealth into their lives. They firmly believe that Qi's procreative energy is attracted to areas in order, pure, bright, shiny, and beautiful. 

Many cultures around the world, since ancient times, have the tradition to wear shiny decorative objects, embellish clothes with knitting symbolics (flowers, graphics), hair and jewelry of all kinds, as a way to protect themselves from the evil eye and as a protector through the life path, or other times as a symbol of love and prosperity (particularly for women). No decorative element was attached by chance – everything had a meaning and a purpose of serving and helping the one wearing it. A similar sense we will find in the Indian tradition of Trivarga (the three aims of Hinduism), which is composed of Dharma, Artha, and Kama, where Dharma – is the law, Kama – is the will, and Artha – is the material benefit. Even here, the element of wealth is an integral part of a human’s wellbeing. 

Now, let us dive more in-depth and explore how particularly Feng Shui suggests acting to potentiate this life sector, which is Wealth and Prosperity?

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B&B ITALIA was founded in 1966 by Piero Ambrogio Busnelli. It became one of the leading Italian companies in the international world of designer furniture for home and public places such as hotels, restaurants, and shops.

The company is based in Novedrate (Como), north of Milan. It is distinguished by an innovative industrial approach in manufacturing furniture using prime quality materials and exquisite modern design. It creates collections in collaboration with famous architects of international recognition as Antonio Citterio, Gaetano Pesce, Patricia Urquiola, Jean-Marie Massaud, Naoto Fukasawa, Nipa Doshi & Jonathan Levien, Vincent Van Duysen, and other. B&B Italia is rewarded with numerous prestigious awards, including no less than 4 Compasso D‘Oro prizes, the most prestigious honor in the field of industrial design.

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