Hi Metropolitan people,

Today we’ll cook a very easy but delicious cream soup, that would love all your family members, kids, too! It is also enriched in vitamins, vegetable proteins, and for those who want a slice of meat, it may add some bacon on top.

Dear readers,

Today I reserved for you a recipe that is easy to cook, has the right amount of vitamins and minerals, is fast and it’s delicious! I give you: white rice with sweet pepperoni, dried apricots, and Greek walnuts.

Sofa – the “piece of resistance” in your living room!

The heart and soul of a home is the Livingroom. Some of you may not agree with my affirmation, but before you do that, let me ask you this: What is the room in your house, where you spend most of the time with your family and friends? Where do you invite your guests to sit down and enjoy a cup of good coffee with some delicious cookies? Where do you sit with your palls to watch a football play or a telemovie? – Well, at least at one of these questions I bet you answered: “It’s my Livingroom”.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019 21:46

Books I've Read > Proof of heaven

I've started to read this book precisely ten years from the incident itself related to this book which took place on 10th November 2008. It's the real story of a doctor from Virginia USA by name Eben Alexander. This book became a #1 New York Times Best Seller!

Monday, 10 June 2019 23:02

Wedding Tips > Wedding rings

Wedding is something that every (or almost every) girl dreams about since childhood: that once, in a beautiful sunny day, in a marvelous castle filled with perfumed fresh flowers, wearing a designed haute-couture bride dress, walking on the red carpet along the aisle to embrace the marriage to your future, King-to-be Prince! Hah-hah I don’t know if I just described the marriage of Prince Harry with Meghan Markle or of the socialite Chiara Ferragni with Fedez?! 

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