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Fashion Inspiration > Best bra for generous sizes

As a lady with a generous shapes, I understand the struggle women like me have on finding the right bra. We need to feel confident and sexy, so what we’re looking for is all-in-one: quality materials, beautiful embroideries/shapes, and comfortability!

As soon as she arrived in Paris, the Irish designer Eileen Gray draws her interest in the pure geometry forms of Holland movement called “De Stijl.” She designed for herself a modernistic house, right on the Mediterranean coast, at Roquebrune, and called it “E-1027”. For this house, she created several furniture pieces, among which was the armchair TRANSAT

It is a SCHETCH & GUIDANCE BOOK for those Ladies who appreciates Minimalistic looks, made of good-quality materials, tailored clothes, and achromats. It’s a DRESSING STYLE that gives individuality, remarkable identity DNA style using only essential pieces. It’s about THE LOOK, which stands out from the crowds, unique and memorable through its details

The Lamp ARCO was created as a home version of the streetlamp: a long telescopic arm made of satin steel holds a lampshade suspended at more than 2 meters from the solid base in marble Carrara, creating under an ample space to position a table and chairs. The flexible reflector is adjustable in high, and it is made of molded aluminum, polished, and zapped. Since the entire construction weighs over 45 kg (99 pounds), its inventors thoughtfully predicted to make a hole in the marble base where you could insert a handle and by so easily lift and move. 

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Fashion Inspiration > 2020 SS Trends - Shorts Suits

Who can tell for how long we’ll have to wait for Spring to come, probably here in Italy it will take a month or two. Usually, March is the beginning of sunny days and temperatures over +15° C.

In the meantime, I got to enjoy the looks on RUNWAYS for this Spring-Summer Collections 2020 and take notice on current trends. Just to know what to put on when the right time? I’ve decided to share some of my loved trends, maybe you’ll find some inspirational ideas for yourself too.

Brown and caramel are a sweet duo for a relaxed living room in a country house. The brown chocolate and cream are the perfect contrast to the warmed wood floor and just right to keep that fresh modern flooring in a rustic style.

The light blue gives a touch of freshness to this warm autumn interior

Enlighten spicy browns and sumptuous terracotta interiors by adding some tones and shades of emerald greens and light blue. This gracious complementary color scheme is the perfect choice for a living room or a bedroom.

The African continent, with its fauna and flora, inspired many fashion designers for this New Spring-Summer and Resort Collections for 2020

A perfect color scheme for classical bedroom and modern living room would make the mix of deep purple with the green, sophisticated and elegant.

While we’re waiting for springtime 2020 to arrive, let’s enjoy the runways and see some of the best looks designers propose for this new season! Moreover, we can create a look book considering the color trends the institute of Pantone confirmed, and get ready to enjoy a freshened up wardrobe.

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